How to Safely Store an Air Mattress in the Garage

An air mattress is an innovative portable sleeping solution for your home. Whether you need an adjustable bed for your kids’ bedroom, guests, or camping, the lightweight inflatable mattress is perfect. Ease of storage is one of the biggest advantages of an air mattress.

Safe storage for an air mattress saves space in your home and protects it from punctures or moisture damage. To safely store your air mattress in the garage, check for damage, deflate and fold the unit neatly, and store it in an airtight container.  

After use, you can store the air mattress in the garage to save on space in your house. Safe storage of the air mattress protects against damage to the PVC/vinyl material, dirt, bedbugs, or moisture/pet damage. Now let’s learn how to deflate and fold/pack the airbed properly to prevent air leaks, broken seams, or other damage.  

Can You Store an Air Mattress in the Garage?

Air bed

An air mattress offers extra sleeping space for visitors or outdoor trips. After using the air mattress, storing the air bed in the garage gives you more space in the main house.

The garage is a perfect place to store your air mattress, but you’ve to be aware of the hazards. While the air mattress material is sturdy and durable, improper handling during packing and storage can cause damage.

The risk of puncture or other damage increases when you deflate the air mattress for storage. The inflation hardware attached to the air mattress might also suffer damage if you don’t store the air bed properly. 

In addition, the soft fabric covering the plastic body can also attract moisture, leading to mold growth, which is a health hazard that causes skin/eye irritation and respiratory complications. 

How to Store an Air Mattress

An air mattress can last for years with proper use and storage. It’s one of the most important maintenance steps for your air mattress, as it increases the product’s life and prevents health risks like mold and other problems such as bedbugs. 

Below are essential steps to follow for proper storage of your air mattress:

Inspect/ Clean the Air Mattress

Whether you’ve been camping or used the air mattress in the house, check for any damage before storage. Look for dirt marks/stains, punctures, tears, or other forms of damage. An inflated air mattress is easier to inspect for damage before storage. 

Clean the mattress while inflated with a soft cloth and a dish soap solution in water before folding the bed for storage. Leave the mattress surface to dry before you pack the unit for storage in your garage. 

Deflate the Air Mattress  

Deflate the unit for easy storage after confirming your air mattress has no damage. Open the air valve to let off the air and gently press down from the edge of the bed farthest from the valve. Compressing the mattress lets out the air and allows easy storage.

Some air mattresses come with an electric pump that can deflate the unit. First, plug the pump into a power outlet cord and choose deflation mode on the control dial. Then, turn the pump on to commence the deflation process. 

Prepare the Air Mattress for Folding

Before you fold the air mattress, find a safe, flat surface to work on for easy folding and packing. Confirm the surface has no sharp objects to protect the bed from punctures. 

Fold/Roll the Air Mattress 

On the flat surface, lay out the air mattress. Flatten the folded bed and ensure no particles on the surface or air bubbles. Straighten out any creases in the deflated mattress for easy storage. Fold the unit in half lengthwise and match the edges. Continue folding to suit the size of your storage container. 

Pack the Air Mattress 

After folding the air mattress neatly, store the unit in the original packaging or a sturdy storage bag. The best storage unit is air-tight and sturdy and protects the deflated mattress from moisture or physical damage.

Don’t use a plastic bag because the material won’t safeguard your air mattress from physical threats such as punctures. 

Store the Air Mattress 

After fitting the folded air mattress in a sturdy container, choose the perfect storage area in the garage, which is a busy place, so you want to keep the mattress secured from any dangers.

Choose a spot without sharp tools, a lot of traffic, and that’s neither too hot nor too cold. Also, keep the storage container away from moisture exposure to protect the stored mattress. 

Check the Stored Mattress Regularly

While the stored air mattress is out of sight, don’t let it out of your mind. Check the air mattress regularly, starting with the storage container. Confirm the storage system is airtight and check the mattress for moisture damage or puncture signs. 

How Do You Fold an Air Mattress Back in the Box?

Depending on the original packaging or the manufacturer’s instructions, you have various techniques to fold an air mattress back in the box. Whether you’re using the original box or another suitable storage unit, here are some ways to fold your air mattress for safe storage: 

  1. Folding only: After folding the air mattress half lengthwise, continue folding it into smaller squares until you get the right storage size. 
  2. Folding and rolling: After folding the air mattress in half and matching the edged, roll the unit up from one side to the other end.
  3. Rolling the air mattress: The easiest way to pack an air mattress is by rolling the unit up after deflation. However, the rolled-up mattress is bulky and requires strapping before packing or storage.

How to Take Care of Your Air Mattress

Portable air bed

An air mattress is an excellent investment for your household. The sleep system is easy to use, saves space, and is ideal for multiple applications.

Proper care and maintenance increase your air mattress’s life and prevent health risks such as mold. Taking care of your air mattress also improves sleep quality by avoiding bed bug infestation. To get the most out of your air mattress, here are simple ways to care for the sleep system:

Use on Safe Surfaces 

Before using your air mattress, check the surroundings for any hazards. For example, if you’re out camping, look for sharp objects such as stones that might puncture the sleep system. In your home, clean the floor or any surface where you intend to set the mattress.

Inspect the Air Mattress Regularly

Before using your air mattress for the first time, check for any damage on the surface. Confirm the air valve unit works perfectly and return the product if you notice any damage.

Check for mold, punctures, holes, bed bugs, or stains whenever you inflate the air mattress for use. Proactive care for your mattress helps you catch problems before they worsen. 

Inflate to Recommended Capacity 

Every air mattress comes with the manufacturer’s recommended inflation capacity. Follow the instructions and only inflate the unit to the required capacity. Over-inflating the unit increases might damage the seams and cause an air leak. On the other hand, an under-inflated mattress is easy to puncture and uncomfortable to sleep on. 

Use a Mattress Cover/Bedding

A sturdy mattress cover protects the mattress from dirt/debris and prolongs the product’s life. In addition, using bedding on the air mattress enhances your sleeping experience and protects the unit from dirt and body odors. 

Clean Your Air Mattress 

Cleaning your air mattress protects the sleep system from a bed bug infestation, dirt, debris, and bacteria. Use a simple soap and water solution to wipe the inflated mattress. Avoid using harsh detergents or coarse brushes to prevent damage to the product. 

Store the Air Mattress Properly

After use, deflate the mattress and store the unit safely in your garage. Then, follow the steps described above to store the air bed safely.