Can You Leave Your Air Mattress Inflated?

Air mattresses are the preferred sleeping solution while on the go. They are the surest way to a peaceful sleep while away from your conventional bed. However, no matter how eager you are to experience their comfort, there is one constant question you may be asking. And the answers are often conflicting and complicated. So should you leave the mattress inflated or deflated?

It is okay to leave your air mattress inflated, depending on frequency and purpose of use. However, it’s crucial to understand that deflating or inflating your mattress often has some drawbacks which come with financial burdens.

This post will guide you through whether you should leave your mattress inflated or deflated, whether it can deflate at night, and what causes it. It will put to rest those questions that have bothered you for a long time. Let’s dive in!

Do Air Mattresses Deflate Overnight?

Inflatable mattress

No, an air mattress doesn’t deflate at night, not unless there’s a leak. Instead, it is designed to remain inflated and offer a comfortable sleep position, whether deep in the bush, grasslands, or backyard.

The common cause of deflation is a puncture, but there are more aspects to consider if the hole is not visible. Overall, here’s what may be causing your air mattress to deflate at night.


This is the most apparent cause of air mattress leaks. The good news is that you can locate the hole by checking for a hissing sound as the air escapes. However, if the hole is tiny, you may have difficulty spotting it.

Leaks in the Seams

Leaks in the seams cause air to escape and deflate the air mattress. Rectifying these leaks is often challenging, but you can reduce the chances of them occurring. Just don’t sit on the edges of the air mattress.  

Leak on the Pump

Leaks on the pump often cause a mattress to leak due to the stress the pump causes between it and the bed.

Overstretching the PVC through Misuse or Overheating

Your mattress expands if placed near windows or close to your heater. The PVC material then stretches when warm, creating an underinflated bed.

Bed Overload

Each bed has a weight limit. When overloaded, it stretches and appears as if it has lost air.

Should You Deflate an Air Mattress Every Day?

No, especially if you use it every night.

The constant inflation and deflation cause tension on the seams and the valve, eventually degrading your mattress. It is also hectic to keep pumping air in and out every day. And you have to admit it’s highly satisfying to find an already made bed, especially after a long workday.

If you pump your mattress when tired, you are more likely to damage it. So, if you have a visitor for a few days, you can leave it pumped until they go.

However, if you use the mattress for extended periods, you should balance daily inflation’s pros and cons or leave it pumped up. Keep in mind that leaving it pumped opens it to damage from pets and children, but if you inflate and deflate it daily, you will be causing pressure on the seams.

Ultimately, your decision should be based on your frequency of use and whether your environment has factors that can cause damage.

Can You Leave an Air Mattress Inflated

Pump for inflating the mattress. Foot pump

Yes, you can leave it inflated for some time but not long-term.

Although there is no recommended period you should keep the mattress inflated, you should err on the cautious side. The period of inflation should be dependent on:

The Type of Air Mattress

Some air mattresses, like self-inflating ones, need some time to get used to their new shape. These mattresses may lose a bit of air at first but then stabilize over time.  

How Much Air it Holds

A giant bed holds more air. So, it takes longer for an oversized queen-size inflatable bed to deflate than a small twin-size one. If you have a big or heavy-duty model and plan on leaving your bed set up, we recommend checking on the pressure every couple of days and adding more if needed.