Air Mattress Noise Keeping You Up? Here’s How to Make It Quieter

If you’re looking for a flexible, convenient, and portable sleeping solution for your home or camping, an air mattress is perfect. However, an air mattress can become a nuisance because of the squeaking noise despite the advantages.

An air mattress makes noise because of air bubbles, leaks, or contact with the floor. To make the air mattress quieter, press the air bubbles away, place the mattress on a stand, cover or use a rug/carpet under it, repair the leaks, or replace the worn-out mattress. 

With continued use and age, your air bed makes squeaky sounds caused by leaking air or contact with the floor. A noisy air mattress is frustrating to use and affects your sleep quality. To enjoy the air mattress experience, you’ve to stop the noise. Let’s find out more about the causes of these air mattress noises and how you can eliminate them. 

What is an Air Mattress?

air mattress

An air mattress is an inflatable and portable sleep system made from PVC, rubber, or reinforced plastic. The sleeping product uses air for support, unlike other compact foam or spring systems beds. 

You inflate the vinyl unit with air using an air compressor, electric, or built-in pump to use the air bed. Once inflated, the bed offers enough support for one or more people. For storage, deflate the air mattress and fold it for future use. 

The Advantages of Air Mattresses

Inflated mattresses offer myriad benefits to household owners. The air bed is lightweight and portable, ideal for outdoor use. In addition, the lightweight construction makes these beds ideal for travel because they’re easy to set up and store. 

Air beds offer a versatile sleeping solution at home if you have guests over. The inflatable mattress is also ideal for a kid’s bedroom. In addition, the sleep product lasts longer with proper care and repels bed bug infestation in your home since they can’t chew into the material to hide or lay eggs.

The soft sleeping surface easily conforms to your body shape for enhanced comfort and pain relief. In addition, you can adjust the firmness of your air mattress to get the perfect sleeping space to suit your health requirements. 

Specialized air mattresses mold to your body shape. As you sleep, the bed automatically redistributes pressure depending on your movements. The air cells supporting your body deflated slightly to offer more comfort and reduce pain or soreness. 

The vinyl material used in constructing air mattresses is sturdy and durable. You’ll also find it easy to take care of your air mattress by regularly wiping the surface. When used with a cover, the mattress is even easier to maintain. 

Why Do Air Mattresses Make So Much Noise?

Air mattresses offer a lot of conveniences. Whether you’re looking for temporary sleeping space for your guests or looking for a camping bed, the air mattress is easy to carry, set up, and store. However, the air bed might make noise and keep you awake for various reasons.

Learning the causes of such noise helps you find the best solution fast. So if your air bed has suddenly started making annoying sounds, here are some possible causes: 

Contact with the Floor

One advantage of an inflatable bed is the flexibility of the sleep system, which allows you to use it anywhere. So whether you want to create sleeping space in your guest room, kids’ bedroom, or any other place, you can set up the air mattress in minutes. 

However, the direct contact between the vinyl mattress body and a hard floor might cause noises because of friction. The hard vinyl mattress scrubs against the floor and makes squeaky sounds which affect your sleep quality.

The noise not only affects the user but others in the house. For example, the bed slides and makes annoying noises whenever the sleeper moves.

Air Leaks 

An air leak is the worst nightmare for an air mattress owner. The loss of air affects the functionality of the inflatable bed as the unit loses its firmness. A punctured mattress also makes hissing or squeaking sounds that keep you awake. 

Poor Mattress Quality/Construction 

Poorly built air mattresses are more likely to make funny noises that keep you awake. A high-quality bed boasts a sturdy, durable build and features a comfortable topper.

When buying the inflatable bed, test the product on a bare floor to confirm how quiet it is. If you want to buy the mattress online, read reviews or ask for referrals from other users. 

Air Bubbles

Air bubbles are another noise problem when using an air mattress. Air bubbles form inside the inflatable bed because of poor quality construction, defective valve, or weak seam, making popping sounds that can keep you awake.

Whatever the cause of the air bubbles is, you’ll have an uncomfortable sleeping experience with the popping air bubbles.

Lack of a Cover/Bedding

An air mattress cover serves multiple functions, including easing maintenance, prolonging the life of the air bed, and protecting the sleep system. One overlooked advantage of an air mattress cover is the prevention of funny sounds. Walking or moving on an uncovered air mattress produces weird noises which affect your sleep.

Poor Use 

Improper use of an air mattress leads to damage on the surface and other issues that cause disturbing noises. For instance, if you don’t inflate the air bed properly, the surface loses its elasticity. As a result, the mattress makes funny noises with age and poor use.

How to Make an Air Mattress Quieter?

Blow up air mattress bed with sleeping bag and pillow

A noisy air mattress ruins your good night’s sleep or that of your guests. To eliminate the noise and enjoy a better sleeping experience, here are some methods to try:

Use a Bed Frame/Mattress Stand 

The air bed experience is not convenient for most people because it feels like sleeping on the floor. A bed frame solves the problem while also eliminating the noise caused by contact of the vinyl bottom with the floor.

A bed stand also improves sleep quality by maintaining a comfortable height from the floor to keep the cold away.  

Using a Mattress Topper/Cover

A new air mattress has a soft, smooth finish and looks inviting and comfortable to sleep on. Unfortunately, many people use the inflatable sleep system straight out of the box without a cover.

While using bed linen enhances your air mattress experience, you might still have a problem with the squeaking noise. The lower vinyl part of the mattress still slides against the floor, causing irritating noise. A mattress cover protects your air mattress and improves sleep quality by making the mattress quieter.

The new inflatable bed makes noise in contact with your body or the floor. To prevent the noise caused by friction, buy a gel foam (on Amazon) or quilted mattress topper (on Amazon)/cover for your air bed.  

Patch the Hole in the Air Mattress 

A leaky air bed is noisy and uncomfortable to sleep on. Luckily, you can patch a puncture on your mattress at home in a few steps.

Some simple ways to seal the hole on your air mattress include using nail polish (on Amazon), super glue (on Amazon), marine goop glue (on Amazon), or duct tape (on Amazon). Consider buying a patch repair kit if these simple fixes don’t work.

Place a Rug/Carpet Underneath 

Using a rug or a rough carpet underneath the air bed prevents noises caused by friction when the mattress slides against the floor. The carpet below your air mattress also protects the product against damage by the floor and eases mattress maintenance. In addition to a rug or carpet, you can use other materials, including foam, a blanket, 

Remove Air Bubbles 

Air bubbles cause annoying popping sounds when a sleeper moves in their sleep. To make the air bed more comfortable, remove the bubbles by following these steps:

  1. Identify air bubbles and pop them by pushing down hard on the mattress 
  2. Deflate the air mattress fully or partially. Continue pushing down on the mattress to pop the bubble
  3. Inflate the air mattress and feel for the air bubble to confirm it has popped 
  4. Test the inflatable bed and remove any more air bubbles using the same procedure

Move the Air Be Position to the Corner 

Moving an air bed is another handy solution for a squeaking air bed. Choose a suitable corner for your mattress to reduce movement when sleeping. With the air bed in contact with the walls, there’s diminished sliding movement, preventing friction and squeaking noises.

Maintain Your Air Mattress Properly 

Proper care for your air mattress increases the product’s life and prevents damage that could cause funny noises. Cleaning the air bed removes any materials that could cause an air leak while avoiding damage to the vinyl body. 

Air mattress maintenance also includes deflating and storing the sleep system. Fold the inflatable air bed properly and use an air-tight container to reduce the risk of moisture damage or punctures in storage. 

Replace Your Air Mattress 

If you’ve tried all these simple fixes and nothing works, consider replacing the air mattress. A poor quality or old and worn-out air mattress is more likely to make uncomfortable sounds when in use. 

To improve your guest’s sleep quality, buy a premium mattress that is comfier and quieter. Look for an air mattress with a comfortable flock or top layer that prevents noises in use. The best products on the market come with smooth fabric toppers that enhance user experience. 

When shopping for a new air bed, some factors include the quality of the vinyl body, quality of the topper, ease of maintenance, durability, and comfort levels. Shop for a product with an extended warranty to protect your investment. In case of damage and annoying noise, you can return the product and get a replacement. 

How to Make Your Air Mattress More Comfortable

If you’re like most homeowners, you’re always looking for ways to improve your home. Investing in an air mattress is one way to create a more comfortable experience for your guests. Instead of having guests sleep on sofas, an inflatable bed offers a better experience. 

However, these air beds may cause problems with time, including losing air and making noise. To deliver the best sleeping experience for your guests, here are ways to make an air mattress comfier:

  1. Add a luxurious topper: A comfy gel foam or fabric topper delivers a more comfortable sleeping experience and protects the air mattress. In addition, the topper prevents funny noises when the air bed is in use.
  2. Use a box spring: If you don’t love the idea of sleeping on the floor, use a box spring to elevate the air bed and make it more comfortable. As a result, you get out of bed more easily and enjoy the feel of an ordinary bed. The box spring stand also prevents friction between the air mattress and your air bed.
  3. Add a headboard: A headboard is an easy way to enhance your air mattress experience. A headboard instantly adds to the comfort and functionality of your inflatable bed. The fixture also prevents the mattress from sliding and making noises.
  4. Inflate properly: Follow the manufacturer’s inflation instructions to enjoy the air mattress. Proper inflation makes the air bed firm for perfect sleep quality.


An air mattress is a wise investment for your home because it maximizes space and provides comfortable sleeping space for your guests. The inflatable beds also improve your outdoor experience. Try these simple fixes to eliminate the annoying air mattress noises and improve your sleeping experience.