How to Make Your Air Mattress More Comfortable

There’s more to a good night’s sleep than just resting. It’s also essential for your health, well-being, and productivity, and a comfortable mattress has a lot to do with it. But what if you are using an air mattress? Are there ways to make it more comfortable, bearing in mind that one of their drawbacks is not handling body impressions well?

Air mattresses can be comfortable, and the best hack to enhance their comfort is to view them as conventional beds. For instance, you should use sheets, pillows & covers for a good night’s rest. You can also add a mattress topper for unmatched comfort.

This blog will look at some of the valuable hacks you can employ to help you with your air mattress’ comfort.

Can an Air Mattress Be Comfortable?

Camping Tent with Mattress

Yes, an air mattress can be comfortable with the right additions and modifications, but not as much as a regular bed. You should, however, note that “comfortable” is relative.

Depending on your personal needs, particular air mattresses will provide you with more comfort than others. For instance, if you’re a side sleeper and need some extra cushioning or if you’re a back sleeper who doesn’t want to sink through an ultra-plush pillow top, you can find a brand that feels almost exactly like traditional beds.

The good news is that air mattresses are also adjustable and provide excellent pressure relief and impressive body-contouring support.

In addition, you can control how firm or soft each side of the bed is. This means that you and your partner can have personalized comfort without sacrificing too much space in the bedroom as you would with two twin beds.

So, Why is an Air Mattress not as Comfortable as a Regular One?

  • It is Cold

The cold surface is one of the offputting consequences of using an air mattress. This temperature disparity is because of their material which quickly becomes cold.

  • It Slides and Makes Noises

Air mattresses can be a mess if you are not accustomed to them. They slide and make noises while you sleep, making you uncomfortable. These noises are due to the mattress’ material.

  • Overinflation and Underinflation

Every mattress has a recommended capacity and inflation point. Failure to adhere to these will make you sleep on a too hard or soft bed and wake up with a sore neck and back.

  • No Headboard

Headboards provide support to pillows and your head as you sleep. With their absence in air mattresses, it is common for the pillows to fall off, causing you to wake up frequently, thus lacking enough sleep.

How Can You Make Your Air Mattress More Comfortable?

Despite air mattresses being uncomfortable, you can change this and enjoy a good night’s sleep. Here’s how:

  • Use Sheets, Pillows, and Covers

Transforming your air mattress to conventional beds can make it more comfortable. However, rather than sleeping on it as is, you should invest in good sheets, pillows, and covers. These will help you snuggle and feel warm and comfortable.

  • Add a Foam Topper/Mattress Pad

A foam topper is one of the best ways to make a mattress comfortable, as it eliminates the rubbery surface of the mattress, which causes discomfort and annoying noises when it rubs on your skin.

  • Clear the Ground Area

If you have any hard or bumpy objects under your air mattress, clear them first to ensure a smooth surface. This will preserve the mattress for longer and give you a comfortable sleep area.

  • Proper Inflation

For a comfortable night on your air mattress, you must inflate it properly. Overinflation will cause it to be firm and hard, while underinflation causes it to snag and not provide adequate support.

  • Use an Air Mattress Frame/Stand/Cot

An air mattress frame is an inexpensive but crucial investment. It will keep your air mattress off the floor and offer more support, making it comfortable.

  • Improvise a Headboard

Air mattresses have no headboards, which is one of the factors that cause discomfort. However, you can use a wall for pillow support and prevent your pillow from falling off every time.

Best Accessories to Make Your Air Mattress Comfortable

Blow up air mattress bed with sleeping bag and pillow

While air mattresses are not the most comfortable, you can do a few things to make your nights easier. Here’s a quick overview of some accessories and items you can purchase to get a good night’s sleep.

  • Milliard Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

The milliard mattress topper (on Amazon) is a long-lasting topper you can use to make your air mattress more comfortable.

It comes in twin, queen, and king sizes, while the fabric is infused with memory foam and bamboo fiber. Additionally, it has a free silk-soft cover that has a non-slip bottom. It’s also CertiPUR-US certified and provides allergy relief.

  •  Gorilla Tape, Mini Duct Tape

The Gorilla mini duct tape (on Amazon) is another must-have product if you own an air mattress.

It is an alternative to sealants and is an excellent solution for leaks, thereby keeping your mattress well inflated. This duct tape is ideal because it is water-resistant and can withstand high temperatures and UV lights.

  • EMONIA Queen Mattress Pad Cover

The EMONIA pillow pad (on Amazon) is a must-have accessory to make your air mattress comfortable.

It is soft and fluffy and offers a soothing effect and comfort as you sleep. Additionally, it is machine-washable, so you’ll have an easy time maintaining its cleanliness. It is also durable and can fit even the thickest of mattresses.

  • Raytour Bed Sheet Holder Straps Sheet

One pain of using air mattresses is the constant slipping of sheets. But this will be a thing of the past when you use the Raytour sheet holder straps (on Amazon).

These straps hold the sheets firmly in bed, even for individuals who turn intensely in their sleep. They are heavy-duty, elastic, nickel-plated, and easy to use.

  • COSMOPLUS Fitted Sheet

Sheets are one way to make your mattress comfortable. However, not all of them fit, and they can come off easily even if you find a suitable one. Despite this, the COSMOPLU sheets (on Amazon) are among the best to address this problem.

These sheets come in different sizes and colors, giving you various choices based on your preferences and bed size. They are also stain-resistant and offer value for money due to their durability.

  • KingCamp Camping Cot

Raising an air mattress is one of the best hacks for making it comfortable; It makes it easy to get in and out of it. The KingCam camping cot (on Amazon) is a triangular heavy-duty support accessory that can support 550 pounds. It is large, easy to set up, stable and portable, which offers more convenience.

  • Etekcity Electric Air Pump

The Etekcity air pump (on Amazon) is a high-quality pump that will help you eliminate the challenge of an underinflated mattress.

It is lightweight and has a sound-insulating design, ideal for use even when other persons are resting nearby. This pump is also easy to operate and offers versatility in use.

  • Coghlan’s 8880 Airstop Sealant

A leaking air mattress is every individual’s nightmare, especially if the puncture cannot be easily located. However, the Coughlan airstop sealant (on Amazon) sorts out this problem. The sealant is strong and permanently seals any holes, offering you a life-long solution.