How to Inflate an Air Mattress With a Hair Dryer

If you own an air mattress, you’re probably wondering how to inflate it. Some air mattresses are self-inflating or have a built-in pump, but what about the others? Can you blow up an air mattress with a hairdryer?

It is possible to inflate your air mattress with a hairdryer. You only need to fix the dryer’s mouth to the bed’s nozzle and switch it on. You should note, however, that dryers are less effective compared to pumps.

In this guide, we’ll cover how to use a hairdryer to inflate your mattress, alternative ways to inflate your air mattress without a pump, and an overview of self-inflating mattresses. Let’s dive in!

How to Inflate an Air Mattress With a Hair Dryer

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Although there are many household items you can use to fill your air mattress, there’s a big chance that a hairdryer has crossed your mind before. It may seem like an odd tool, but it can certainly come in handy.  

The best part is that inflating an air mattress with a hairdryer takes just a few minutes.

  1. Set your dryer to cold.
  2. Connect the dryer’s mouth to the bed’s nozzle and turn it on. If the mattress has a one-way valve, it will easily allow air in, but you will have to pinch it if it’s a two-way valve.
  3. Keep checking the capacity to ensure it’s not overinflated.

Using this method, you might not achieve full capacity because the dryer is not as effective as other pumps.

Alternative Ways to Blow up an Air Mattress Without a Pump

Sometimes, inflating an air mattress can be a real hassle. If you have a pump-free model, here’s a list of alternative ways to get your bed ready to go in no time.

  • Hairdryer: As we’ve discussed, your blow dryer is a great tool to try out. This method works best if you have a wall socket right by the air mattress. You only have to plug it in, turn on the heat setting, and start inflating.
  • Vacuum cleaner: If you don’t have an outlet near your bed, don’t worry. You can still get help from another one of your household appliances. A vacuum cleaner will help you blow up your mattress in record time.
  • Your mouth: This is the oldest method in the book for inflating objects. However, it requires more effort and lung power. Start by placing your mouth on the valve and blowing until the mattress has puffed up. Carefully and quickly remove your mouth and close it. Yes, it’s hectic, but it works if you have no other alternative.
  • Garbage bags: Although it seems impossible, this method works — but it needs patience and skills. Take garbage bags and swirl them around until they are full of air. Carefully fit their mouths on the bed’s nozzles and release air into the bed until they fill it to your preferred capacity.

Self-Inflating Air Mattress

Air mattress with electric pump for rest and sleep

Self-inflating mattresses, like the SereneLifeHome Blow-Up Airbed (on Amazon), are growing in popularity mainly because you don’t experience the challenge of leaks and the hassle of everyday inflation and deflation. These mattresses have a polyester casing on their upper and lower parts, which encloses foam in the middle.

You can choose from three main fabric types: polyester pongee, polyester, and nylon. Their valves are different from the typical air beds, with two to choose from:

Brass Valve: Brass valves are one of the oldest types. Despite being in use, they have a hard time inflating even when stored.

Ace Valve (Air Flow Control) and Cyclone Valve: The ace valve is more modern and has settings to allow airflow control. The cyclone valve is also relatively similar in the methodology it uses to inflate and deflate your mattress.