Can an Air Mattress Be Put on a Bed Frame?

An air mattress is one of the most convenient items you can purchase as temporary furniture. It’s portable, easy to store, made from polyurethane foam, and water-resistant. There’s just one question: can you put the mattress on a bed frame?

Technically, an air mattress doesn’t go well with a conventional bed frame because it is designed to be on the floor. However, you can opt for alternatives, such as box springs and wooden pallets, if you want to raise the bed and enjoy getting in and out of it.

This blog highlights whether you can put the mattress on a frame, the options, and tips for taking care of an air mattress. Keep reading to find out!

Can an Air Mattress Be Put on a Bed Frame?

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An air mattress is not supposed to be put on a bed frame. It’s mainly supposed to be used on the ground, where it is easy to set up and use.

Yes, you can improvise the conventional bed frames if you must sleep on a raised bed. However, using your air mattress on bed frames comes with many challenges and risks, such as:

  • The Frame Offers no Grip

One of the major drawbacks of an air mattress is the sliding which is attributed to its material. When you use a frame, this sliding increases because of the large spacing of the frame’s slats. Ultimately, your sleep will be occasionally disturbed, and you’ll not enjoy your rest.

  • Air Mattresses are Designed for no Frames

Air mattresses are designed and best suited for outdoors or on floors. Therefore, it beats logic to use a bed frame.

  • Increased Risks of Damage

Air mattresses are relatively delicate and need extra caution when setting up, using, and storing them. When you use the regular bed frames, you increase the chances of punctures and tears due to the slats.

  • Problem with Height

Air mattresses come in different sizes. Unfortunately, when inflated and combined with a frame, it becomes too high for an average human.

Do You Need a Bed Frame?

The truth is that a bed frame is essential for any mattress.

Despite an air mattress being intended for use without a frame, it does not mean you cannot modify one. In fact, bed frames are essential additions to an airbed. They set the mattress well, prevent sliding and noises, and raise you off the floor like traditional beds.

But before you commit to this purchase, ensure you evaluate the downsides to having an air mattress on a bed frame. Some of the questions you should ask yourself before getting a bed frame include:

  • What is the frame size versus the air mattress?
  • What will be the position of the bed frame?
  • Does the frame have safety rails?

What to Look for in a Bed Frame

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If you really want to get a bed frame, some of the reasons that should necessitate the purchase include:

  • They Enhance a Room’s Environment

Depending on the type you go for, bed frames can brighten your sleeping area. In addition, some come with different patterns and colors, which add beauty, a crucial factor that can psychologically enhance your sleep.

  • They Help with Storage

Gone are the days when bed frames were dull and uniform. Nowadays, frames offer more space for storage, especially for your less used apparel.

  • Supports the Mattress

Bed frames are purposely intended for supporting your mattress. And a well-supported mattress is easy to sleep in, thus enhancing your sleep quality.

Alternatives to Bed Frames

Air mattresses are unique, and some of the best options to be frames include:

  • Box Springs

Box springs provide many of the same benefits that bed frames do. The primary purpose of a box spring is to raise the mattress off the ground using the inbuilt metal coils. But if you are worried about punctures, you can use a fabric between the box and your mattress.

  • Bunkie Boards

Like bed frames, bunkie boards enforce your mattress, but they have smaller slats ideal for an air mattress. Small slats are better solutions to the sliding problem.

  • Rugs

Rugs are some of the cheapest bed frame alternatives. They are thin but effective at providing good grip, preventing sliding, and reducing contact between an airbed and the floor, which may have sharp objects.

  • Plywood

Plywoods offer slight elevation from the ground but are nevertheless effective for preventing sliding and contact with sharp objects.

  • Wooden Pallets

One of the pros of using pallets is that they are sturdy and cheap. You can also customize them and make them at home without a technician.

Taking Care of Your Air Mattress

Airbeds don’t last long, especially if used daily. In fact, compared with regular beds, they last between 3-and 5 years. However, apart from using a frame, here are effective tips to take care of your mattress, prolong its life, and save you a couple of dollars.

  1. Clean the Bed

Regular cleaning of an airbed removes particles, dust, and stains that make your mattress look older than it actually is. Keeping it clean also helps to reduce odors and bacteria.

  1. Use Beddings and Other Materials

Adding pillows, toppers, and frames to your mattress can make it last longer. A bed frame reduces the chances of punctures, tear and wear, while the topper and beddings make it more comfortable and extend its lifespan.

  1. Regular Re-Inflation

Your air mattress may seem to be leaking because of the temperature changes at night. To keep it in perfect shape and size, you should re-inflate it after every few days.

You should also inflate it to its recommended capacity to avoid lumps, resulting in an uncomfortable sleep.