How To Wash An Ironing Board Cover

Like any other household item, care for your ironing board cover is essential. This piece of cloth allows you to iron and steam your clothes effortlessly without spilling water on the floor. So, is there a right way to wash an ironing board cover?

Depending on the manufacturer’s instructions, you can either hand or machine wash your ironing board covers. If the label doesn’t have the washing instructions, clean it with a wet sponge or cloth and hang-dry it after. Wipe down loose debris with a damp cloth while the cover is stretched out.

Consider this your authority guide as we cover how you can wash ironing board covers and whether they are safe in the washing machine. We will also cover whether ironing board covers should go in the dryer and why you should wash them. Let’s get started!

Can Ironing Board Covers be Washed?

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If your iron board cover has accumulated dust, dirt, and debris, you can wash it without special detergents or solutions. You’ll find a care label on the cover explaining how to clean it.

If the cover lacks instructions, carefully remove it from the iron board’s frame, then dampen a sponge with warm water. Add gentle cleaning detergent to the sponge, then cleanse the cover.

Tips for Washing Your Ironing Board Cover

For a crispy clean iron board cover, you should:

  • Mount the ironing board as usual: You should then wipe the dust from the ironing board and its cover using a clean cloth. Ensure you also clean the legs and look for cobwebs to remove underneath the board.
  • Take off the pad and the ironing board cover: Most of the time, you’ll find a care label on the cover with washing instructions. Read them carefully to confirm whether your iron board cover is machine washable.
  • Hand Washing Instructions: While hand-washing, spot treat the soiled, dirty parts using a spray consisting of 3 tablespoons of baking soda, 1 cup of water, and 1 cup of vinegar. You can also use stain remover. Let it stay for about five minutes before using a moist cloth to wipe it off the ironing board cover gently. Then squeeze off extra water and detergent.
  • Washing machine instructions: Put the ironing board cover into your washing machine with a gentle detergent and cold water. Turn the washer on a gentle cycle and remove it once the cycle is complete.
  • Hang your ironing board cover: Consider hanging it on a clothing line, drying rack, or laying it flat on a surface to dry. Remember not to put it on your drying machine lest it damages its outer coating.

Once the cover completely dries, you can put it back safely on your board. Next, pull it firmly into the ironing board frame to ensure it’s free of creases. Finally, turn your iron to the hottest temperature and straighten any minor wrinkles on the cover.

Are Ironing Board Covers Safe in the Washing Machine?

Yes, some ironing board covers (example on Amazon) are safe in the washing machine. Just confirm that their label states that you can machine wash them.

  1. First, put the cover in a washing machine with cold water and a mild detergent.
  1. Then, allow the cover to wash by setting the machine to a gentle or delicate cycle.

To prevent the cover from falling apart, especially if it is old and frayed, you should take it from the machine before the spin cycle begins.

Can Ironing Board Covers Go in the Dryer?

No, Ironing board covers should not go in the dryer. This is because the heat from the dryer can damage the coat and shrink it.

Why You Should Wash Your Ironing Board Cover

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Washing your ironing board cover keeps it in great shape. The cover is made to last a long time, save for occasional wear and tear, so if you want it to serve you longer, clean it often.   

A clean ironing board cover also keeps dust, dirt, and debris from transferring to your clothes. Ultimately, you’ll have clean clothes straightened out without any stains or dirt.

Additionally, a firm, neat, and stretched-out cover prevents your clothes from picking up the ironing board’s frame, which can be an ironing nightmare.

How to Maintain an Ironing Board

  • Do not place the iron’s face on the cover. If a hot iron is left on the cover for an extended time, it will damage it together with the pad and possibly ignite a fire.
  • Clean your cover regularly. Not only will you maintain its shelf life, but you will also prevent dirt from transferring to your clothes.
  • Adhere to the manufacturer’s washing and maintenance instructions.
  • Never reassemble the ironing board to its cover if they are all not completely dry. A moist board or cover can quickly trap mold.