Can a Smart Plug Handle Your Space Heater?

Space heaters are great to have as they warm the rooms in your house, but they consume a lot of power, and if not plugged into the right places, they might expose the home to unnecessary danger. And according to the National Fire Protection Association, space heaters are responsible for one-third of the winter fires. But can smart plugs handle space heaters?

Even though space heaters require a lot of power to function correctly (between 1000-2000 watts), the rate is nothing most smart plugs can’t handle. However, you must follow safety precautions when plugging your space heater to avoid fire outbreaks.

One of the major causes of fire outbreaks is when people plug their space heater into weak extensions and power strips that cannot handle the power drawn by the space heater. That is why it’s recommended to plug your space heater into your smart plug directly. But then, is it advisable to do so?

Can You Plug Your Space Heater into Your Smart Plug?

Woman Putting Plug Into Smart Electricity Socket

Space heaters consume a lot of power. An average space heater consumes between 1000 to 2000 watts of power. Most safety instructions direct that space heaters are to be plugged directly into wall outlets.

These directions are often given for extension cords or power strips as they cannot handle space heaters’ power. Smart plugs, however, can handle the load of electricity that space heaters draw.

It’s important to know that a larger percentage of house fires caused by space heaters result from flammable materials placed near them. Therefore, a towel is more likely to catch fire from sparks from a space heater than the smart plug connection that causes the device to bust in flames.

What are Smart Plugs?

Smart plugs are affordable and easy-to-use home devices. It is a simple way to automate the wired appliances in yours. It allows you to turn almost any wired device with an off/on switch into an automated one so you can control it with a simple tap or even a voice command.

The smart plug is an excellent addition to your home. You can use the schedule feature on the smart plug’s app to schedule things like when you want the light to come on during certain times of the day, and it can help you save money on energy bills, especially when using your space heater in the garage.

Setting Up Smart Plugs

It is also valuable for keeping your home safe from fire hazards as you can switch off your wired devices remotely from your phone. 

Setting it up is quite easy. All you need do is:

  1. Plug it into an outlet, then connect it to a WiFi network.
  1. Follow the directions in the compatible app on your phone.
  1. Plug your wired appliances like your fan or lamp into your smart plug, and you can control it wherever you are.

Which is Safer: Smart Plugs or Regular Wall Outlets?

Smart plugs are just as safe as any regular wall outlet can be. Most smart plugs are UL tested and have proven to exceed every safety requirement and standard like every other typical wall.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter what outlet you use; if the proper safety precautions are not followed, you’re likely to have a fire outbreak.

What to Know Before Buying a Smart Plug for Your Space Heater

Electric air heater on a wooden wall connected to the mains indoors

Here are some of the factors you need to consider before getting  a smart plug for your space heater:

1. The Amount of Power Your Space Heater Uses

The first thing you should know is the exact amount/range of power your space heater consumes. This would assist you in picking a smart plug that will conveniently handle the load of electricity your heater draws.

2. The Size of Socket Connecting Your Space Heater

If your space heater is already connected to a socket, then you need to know its size. This helps you secure the correct smart plug capable of accommodating the size of the socket connected to your space heater.

3. Compatibility of the Smart Plug with Your Devices 

One of the most significant advantages of smart plugs is the ability to turn on/off them remotely, and it would be wrong if you don’t have this feature. Therefore before getting a smart plug for your space heater, you should check if it’s compatible with your mobile phone in case you want to turn off your space heater in your house even when you’re not around.