Can Your Space Heater Connect To A Timer?

Maximizing your space heater’s functionality is important. You might have probably considered using a timer, especially if you want to lower your energy bills. A timer allows you to set the time and temperature of your space heater, turning it on and off. But is it recommended, is it safe, and does it impact your energy costs?

You can definitely connect a simple space heater to a timer. Plug timers allow for running the heater for a certain amount of time, or to turn on and off at certain times of the day. That said, automating a heater like this isn’t recommended and could lead to safety issues.

Let’s look at a few more details you should consider when thinking through a timer-space-heater setup. As with most things, it’s always going to be possible, but the better question is whether or not it’s really a smart thing to do in the end.

Setting Your Space Heater on a Timer  

Modern electric fan heater on floor at home

There are all kinds of timers that can work with this, the most common being a simple plug timer like this one (on Amazon).

You’ll have to consider the features you want, because some models only have day/night or sequential hourly timers, while other’s add features like setting the plug to be operational for a fixed time. This model (also on Amazon) focuses only on operating for fixed periods of time.

So, you need to determine when you’d like your space heater turned on or off each day. This may vary depending on personal preference and the type of appliance. And be aware that too many devices like this on one circuit may trip a circuit breaker.

If you’re running the heater more often than usual, don’t be surprised to have a circuit breaker trip at some point.

Which Space Heaters Have Built-In Timers?

 If you’re looking for a space heater with a built-in timer, consider one of these models:

Air Choice Electric Infrared Heater

Enjoy high-tech, inbuilt timer and sleekness all folded up in the air choice electric infrared heater (on Amazon). It’s an outdoor space heater that provides efficient heating for any space, such as your patio, home, or your garage.

It has two power levels allowing you more power to control energy consumption, and a remote, thus making it easier to set, especially when relaxing in the bed.

Vornado VH10 Vortex Heater

The Vornado VH10 Vortex Heater (on Amazon) is a simple yet classic indoor heating appliance. It is also relatively small, thus easily portable, and comes with an in-built timer for enhanced safety for you, your family, and your house.

Trustech Portable Ceramic Space Heater

The Trustech portable ceramic space heater (on Amazon) is ideal if you need a quiet, fast, adjustable mode space heater.

It is an energy-efficient heater with an inbuilt timer for advanced safety. Additionally, it has three heating levels to help you choose the best depending on the weather and preferences.

How Long Should You Run a Space Heater?

A girl holds her hands near a plastic fan heater and warms her hands

Running your space heater for more than one hour at a time is not recommended. The heat can cause it to overheat, posing a fire hazard.

You should never leave the heater on when you are not home. You should also ensure your space heater is unplugged before going to bed if it does not have an inbuilt timer for automatic shut-off.