Can You Use a Weighted Blanket With an Electric Blanket?

Many people require more than just a weighted blanket in the coldest months. The weighted blanket doesn’t retain so much when it comes to overall heat retention. This inability to retain heat can lead to poor sleep on the coldest nights, so you may be wondering if you can use a weighted blanket with an electric blanket.

You can use an electric blanket with a weighted blanket. It’s best to place the electric blanket below the weighted one to maximize heat preservation. If you leave the electric blanket above the weighted blanket, it might not retain heat very well and, as such, will take longer to warm up.

It would be best to consider getting a premium quality electric blanket that can fully serve your sleeping needs. If you can acquire the right electric blanket, it’s bound to make a notable difference, ensuring that your weighted blanket stays warm through the night. Let’s take a more in-depth look at weighted blankets and how you can use them with electric blankets.

What Is a Weighted Blanket?

Soft folded blanket on bed at home

Weighted blankets are designed to provide deep touch pressure (DTP) — also known as Deep Pressure Therapy (DPT) or proprioceptive input — to the user’s body. DTP is known to help with the release of serotonin, a neurotransmitter responsible for regulating certain brain functions. This means that weighted blankets can help with sensory regulation and modulation.

You will find a range of weighted items on the market, such as weighted lap pads (on Amazon) and weighted vests (also on Amazon). These very useful tools are known to provide DTP, but they offer this mostly during the daytime. Weighted blankets come in to help at night.

All sensory-based interventions that offer a DTP component have been found to provide a comforting and calming effect on the nervous system. Until recently, it was usually just kids who enjoyed the benefits of weighted blankets, but adults are increasingly discovering the numerous benefits of weighted blankets for themselves.

You will find weighted blankets (on Amazon) of varied weights, sizes, and materials. User preference plays the biggest role where these three factors are concerned. People often go for blankets that alleviate sensory issues while providing sensory inputs.

Of course, the presence of DTP means all weighted blankets offer some form of sensory input. This is important, particularly for people suffering from autism spectrum disorders, because their sensory systems are often over-active.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for an adult sensory blanket, it’s best to look for a fabric that appeals specifically to your tastes.

How Does an Electric Blanket Work?

Inside an electric blanket, there are interconnected coil wires insulated by a plastic, heat-resistant coating. These are plugged into your electrical outlet to provide a constant heat supply with about 120V of electricity.

The wires within are heated to the right temperature during sleep or just before your bedtime. Some people prefer to warm the bed with an electric blanket before getting in, while others use the electric blanket throughout the night.

Always be sure you unplug the blanket from the outlet before washing or cleaning it. To stay safe, ensure the cables are placed at the foot of the blanket or around the end of the bed when the blanket is in use.

Thermostats and temperature gauges have been incorporated into the newer models of electric blankets (post-2001). These new additions read both the body heat and electric heat, leading to the most comfortable sleeping experience.

Newer models also feature shut-off mechanisms that help to prevent overheating and protect the user from potential fire hazards. Once the blanket achieves a certain level of internal heat, these mechanisms shut off the supply of heat.

With some models, you can preset the time for the blanket to turn itself on or off. This offers greater safety for electric blanket use.

Newer models also use carbon-fiber wires for heating. This further improved the safety of the product without compromising the quality of heat. Most vehicle manufacturers use carbon-fiber wires in making heated seats.

Can You Use a Weighted Blanket and Electric Blanket Together?

Four, different size and color fleece blanket rolled on electric blanket at white

You can definitely add a heated blanket (on Amazon) under your weighted blanket. On the other hand, you may combine a weighted blanket and a heated blanket, supposing the weighted blanket is stuffed with silica, ceramic beads, or glass.

We don’t advise combining weighted blankets with other types of weights. Metal beads might be overly efficient heat conductors, and this could burn the fabric or the user. Just as you do with any other blanket, you may choose to place the electric blanket above or beneath the weighted blanket.

Glass is considered a poor heat conductor but a good insulator. This means it will take longer to pre-heat your bed if the electric blanket is on top of the weighted blanket.

Whichever way you choose to use the blankets, a pre-heated bed is expected to stay hot even after the electric blanket is turned off. You may enjoy the added advantage of having the heat closer to you due to the weight of the weighted blanket. This is even more beneficial to people suffering from arthritis or muscle pain.

As a result, when you place your electric blanket below the weighted blanket, a lower heat setting will offer the same amount of heat you would have gotten if the weighted blanket was taken out of the mix.

Tips for Using an Electric Blanket

To maintain safety at all times, you should follow the following guidelines whenever you use an electric blanket:

  • Be sure to familiarize yourself with everything written in the manual and follow the instructions closely
  • Inspect the electric blanket for damage before each use
  • After use, turn the blanket off.
  • If you are ready to go to sleep, turn the blanket off

Here are some things you shouldn’t do:

  • Don’t combine the use of a hot water bottle with your electric blanket
  • Avoid touching the blanket with wet hair, hands, or feet.
  • Don’t switch the electric blanket on when it’s wet.
  • Avoid the temptation to bend the electric blanket around the mattress.
  • Sofa beds or other mechanical beds that could trap the blanket should be avoided.

Avoid using an electric blanket if you have any concerns about its safety.

Tips for Using a Weighted Blanket

You can drape weighted blankets around the shoulders or place them over the body while lying down if you’re an adult. There is no specific or right time to use weighted blankets. You can enjoy it through the night while you sleep or during the day while resting on your back or seated.

You can use the weighted blankets in a way that satisfies your unique needs. You can use this whenever or however you choose to enjoy the full proprioceptive benefits.

Irrespective of the weight, size, fabric, or style of use you settle on, take note of any changes as your body adapts to the blanket. Take note of your anxiety levels, mood, or other physiological responses, including heart rate, breathing rate, and/or sleep patterns.