Can a Window AC Unit Also Provide Heat

For places that experience extreme weather conditions, it is a hassle to own several home appliances to keep the house warm or cold. But did you know that you can own one HVAC device that can produce cold and warm air, ideal for all-year-round usage?

Window AC units can both have cooling and heating functions. It is an excellent investment since it works as an air conditioner unit and a heat pump and is and has more benefits than separate units for cooling and heating.

Pretty interesting, right? If you wonder how it works and how it can produce cold and warm air, let’s find out here. 

Can a Window AC Unit Blow Out Heat?

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Yes, a window AC unit can also blow out the heat. At first, you may think that there is something wrong with the AC unit for it to produce hot air. But, no, there are indeed air conditioners that also function as a heater. It is what we call a window heat pump.

Window Heat Pump

A window heat pump is a window AC unit with both cooling and heating functions. It is a convenient item to use when the seasons change since you do not need to use a separate heater.

In the summer, the condenser coil, or the indoor cold coil, produces a more comfortable air temperature by gathering the heat inside and transferring it through the refrigerant to the evaporator coils to dissipate the hot air and make it cold.

But during the winter, it works in reverse. The window AC unit functions as a heater, the indoor cold coil becoming the hot evaporator coil to produce the desired heat temperature.

A window heat pump’s cooling and heating functions work simultaneously. So the amount of cold air it can convert during the summer will also be the same as the warm air it can produce during the winter. Or whichever function you may use, regardless of the weather or season.

Is An AC Unit With A Heat Pump Worth It?

It is worth it! A window AC unit that functions as a heat pump is best to use in places that experience excessive heat during the summer and severe coldness when the winter approaches. It may be expensive to afford, but it is a good value since it can be used all year round.

The Benefits

Window AC units with heating functions offer many advantages, which are:

  • Dual Functionality: You don’t need two appliances for hot and cold weather since the unit is designed to do both.
  • Reasonably Sized: The window AC units are smaller and compact.
  • Installation Ease: You can do it yourself without spending on installation costs or labor. Just place the unit on the windowsill by putting a sleeve in the open window, fixing it, and making sure there is a nearby wall outlet.
  • Quiet: Gone are the days when aircon units with oversized coolers disturb your sleep at night because of the loud noises. With this modern window AC unit type, all you’ll hear is white noise, which can help you focus, concentrate, or relax.
  • Economically-Friendly: If your primary concern is how it will affect your electric bill once you use it, the window heat pump will surely not disappoint you.
  • Installed Thermostat: It will only work depending on the current room temperature, automatically adjusting the temperature without you controlling it. Thus, reducing the electric supply needed to function.

Tips When Buying An AC Unit With A Heat Pump

To maximize the functions and features of using an AC unit with a heat pump, there are several factors you need to consider when buying one. Before you buy an AC unit with a heat pump or a window heat pump, you should take note of the following:

Consider your Location

Countries that experience extreme weather conditions in summer and winter will benefit the most from using AC units with a heat pump. Since the device functions as a cooler and a heater, it can be used yearly. But for places that do not experience such a climate, like in tropical countries, a single air conditioner or a heater will be enough.

Check the Size

The size of the window AC unit with a heat pump you need to buy will depend on the BTU (British Thermal Unit). If the unit has a higher BTU, it has a better heating function. Therefore, you might want to buy a team with higher BTU only if you live in areas with colder climates.

Know the Cooling and Heating Capacity

Window AC units with heating functions measure their cooling and heating capacity in BTU. First, you need to know if the unit can provide the right temperature to cool or warm the room where you will install it.

The range should be between 8,000 to 25,000 BTU for the cooling capacity. But, again, you can apply the EPA’s rule of thumb to have at least 20 BTU per square foot of your area.

In this way, you can compute the cooling coverage based on the area of your place and the given BTU of the window heat pump you want. Of course, the same principle applies to the heating capacity. But you can check if the range of the unit is from 3,500 BTU to 16,000 BTU.

Understand Energy Efficiency

The total expense of owning a window AC unit with a heat pump is not just about the unit. It also covers the electricity consumption cost for the unit’s upcoming years. You can check the EER or the Energy Efficiency Ratio of the device.

In this way, you can save your budget and know how to reduce the total costs for the long-term expenses of using the unit. It will also help you understand if the unit you want to buy complies with EPA’s requirements.

Check for Additional Features

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Window AC units with a heat pump may offer different features depending on the brand, model, or type. Therefore, you may want to check if there are features you think may be helpful for you.

  • Reusable Air Filters: Some units may have washable or reusable air filters, which is an excellent factor for long-term use since you often do not need to look for replacements.
  • Timers and Controllers: Units with programmable timers and remote controllers will come in handy, allowing you to go on with your routine without worrying about it.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity: Others may have a Wi-Fi access control, where you need to install an app on your smartphone to control the unit at your utmost convenience.

The additional features are subjective. It is up to you if you want to purchase the window heat pump with all the best components available as long as you are satisfied with its overall performance.