A Quick and Easy Way to Stop Refrigerator Door From Squeaking

Imagine a life free from those annoying squeaky refrigerator doors. Sounds heavenly. When you think about how much time you spend in your kitchen each day, keeping that area in good condition is vital. You wouldn’t want visitors to your home to be greeted by an irritating sound as soon as they step into the room. So, why should you put up with it, either?

There are quick and easy ways to stop a refrigerator door from squeaking, such as using lubricants like WD-40, LiquidFix Hinge Lubricant, and the Upkeep Door Hinge can help end the squeaks. However, knowing what causes the sounds and how to stop them are other vital aspects.

You don’t have to put up with a squeaky refrigerator door, and we have just the perfect solutions.

Why Is Your Fridge Door Squeaking?

Worker with screwdriver repairs refrigerator door

A squeaky refrigerator door is likely due to one of two issues. First, it could be that the lubricant has worn off, which causes the hinges to dry out and crack over time. This means they can’t slide across the sides of your fridge smoothly, and when they do, they cause a squeak.

Another common cause is that the hinges may be loose and prevent the door from closing completely, causing annoying sounds. Similarly, food particles may build over the hinges, preventing the door from functioning correctly and producing squeaking sounds.

If the plastic strips specifically designed for keeping your fridge door open are too tight around the sides of your fridge, you may also start experiencing the squeaks. As soon as you open or close your refrigerator door, it rubs against the pieces and creates an irritating sound.

How to Stop Fridge from Squeaking?

There are several ways to prevent that irritating squeak from a refrigerator door. Some techniques require no technical expertise and are easy & effective.

You’ll need white lithium grease, rubber gloves, a dry cloth, and a spray bottle with water. If you have the owner’s manual for the fridge, read it to understand its specific parts and structure—especially if you’re unsure where to apply the lubricant.

Some of the tried and tested ways include:

  • Tightening or loosening the hinges as appropriate. After this, you will notice that the squeaking sound is no more.
  • Cleaning the hinges and removing any food particles
  • Lubricating the hinges with appropriate lubricants or petroleum jelly, wiping away any residue. You can use a needle bottle and ensure to lubricate both the top and bottom parts.
  • Locate the gaskets on your refrigerator door and spray each with the WD-40 before wiping them with a dry cloth.

If this doesn’t stop your refrigerator from squeaking, try lubricating any exposed metal parts (like screws) using household oil or white lithium grease.

You can also lift your fridge slightly and spray a couple of drops of lubricant underneath it where it makes contact with the floor, preventing dust from collecting between the hinge and the floor and keeping it in good condition.

The best part is that you only need to do this once a year to prevent the hinge from squeaking again.

What Is the Best Lubricant for Door Hinges?

Fridge door swivel mechanism

Before choosing a lubricant, you should consider whether the product is safe for use near food. It would help if you also took care to avoid any contact and contamination.

Here is a list of some popular lubricants that are available on the market today

1. WD-40 Specialist Water Resistant Silicone Lubricant Spray (on Amazon)

This silicone spray is one of the best lubricants for door hinges. It’s a premium product that doesn’t attract dust or residue, and you only need to apply it to the hinges every three inches around the door.

Spray a thin lubricant line along each side of the door and where the seal meets the door frame. Repeat this process twice a year or as needed to keep your refrigerator quiet and running efficiently.

2. LiquidFix Door, Lock, and Hinge Lubricant (on Amazon)

The LiquidFix lubricant is a multi-purpose door lubricant that you can use in your home, even on fridge doors.

This product comes with a needle oiler for easy application and is of high quality providing all-year-round protection to your fridge. Its bottle also has a well-designed structure for refilling, so there’s no need to buy new products every time.

3. Upkeep Door Hinge Oil (on Amazon)

The upkeep door hinge oil is your simple solution to squeaking door hinges. Its synthetic formula keeps dirt and water away for maximum performance of your fridge door.

It also prevents corrosion and rust on the hinges, thus providing more value to you and your refrigerator.