Can You Fold an Electric Blanket in Half for Storage?

An electric blanket is a great bedroom innovation to keep you especially warm. The blanket can also help with health issues such as body aches, arthritis, and sciatica. When not in use, however, you need to store an electric blanket carefully, and a common question among users is whether it’s safe to fold the blanket in half for storage.

You shouldn’t fold an electric blanket in half because it could ruin the insulated heating wires inside the fabric. To store an electric blanket safely, first check for damage, then gently roll large sections of the blanket and store it inside a large bag.

An electric blanket features insulated wires or heating elements within the fabric; they’re essential to its primary function. Folding the electric bed for storage could ruin this system or expose you to dangers such as electric shock. Let’s discover the best storage techniques for electric blankets and other practices to care for this unique type of bedding.

Can You Fold an Electric Blanket?

Blue electric heating pad

It would help if you didn’t fold an electric blanket for storage; doing so can harm the heating wires. If you want to store the bedding, roll it gently and loosely to avoid damage.

While an electric blanket (on Amazon) may appear like an ordinary blanket, that’s where the similarities end. The technology-aided bedding features a complex system of insulated wires that heat the unit after you plug it in. 

In order to give the electric blanket an enhanced look, manufacturers conceal the heating elements carefully. You might not see or feel the thin wires even after much use. Many users fold the blankets in half just like with the traditional blankets, leading to wire damage. 

Damaged heating elements affect the functionality of your electric bedding and become a safety hazard. The broken, frayed, or cut wires inside the blanket can short circuit, causing fire or electric shock. Poor use of electric beds is among the main reasons for accidents associated with these products. 

How Do You Store an Electric Blanket?

An electric blanket requires special care for enhanced safety and performance like all electrical appliances. After using the blanket during the colder months, proper storage in summer guarantees you’ll be able to use it safely and comfortably in the future. 

If you fold and store the wired blanket incorrectly, you might have damaged bedding. A faulty electric blanket won’t heat evenly and can cause accidents when plugged in. To protect yourself, here are steps to store your electric bed safely:

  1. Unplug the controls: After using the wired bedding, unplug the controls from the power outlet and the blanket. The control unit has a panel and cords. For storage, wrap the cords loosely around the control unit to avoid cuts. Store the unit in an airtight storage bag.
  2. Prepare the electric blanket for storage: Don’t store a dirty blanket to avoid problems such as odors and mold during storage. Read the manufacturer’s care instructions to clean the blanket. Check for any damage before washing the blanket.
  3. Folding: Don’t fold the blanket in half for storage as you would for an ordinary blanket. Instead, roll the blanket gently and loosely in large sections. This technique prevents damage to the heating elements inside the blanket. 
  4. Storage: Avoid squishing your electric bag into a storage container; instead, choose a huge storage bag. Squeezing the wired blanket damages the heating system and poses a safety hazard to the user. Place the smaller bag with the heating controller inside the bag and zip the larger storage bag.

    Choose a cool, dry place to store your electric blanket and avoid placing other things on top. Look for a high place to store the blanket to avoid damage by other people in your house.

Proper storage of your electric blanket not only protects the expensive bedding but ensures you stay warm when the weather changes. Protecting the electric blanket also reduces the risk of damage and saves you money that might be spent on repairs or replacement in the long run.

What to Avoid With an Electric Blanket

Electric blankets offer a convenient alternative to bulky traditional bedding. However, many homeowners are skeptical about these products because of safety issues, even though cutting-edge electric blankets on the market feature innovative safety technology for your protection. 

All that said, you can enhance your safety through simple precautions. If you’ve just bought an electric blanket, here’s a list of things you shouldn’t do with the bedding:

  • Don’t use an electric blanket on sleepers who can’t operate the heating controls, including infants, toddlers, or people with disabilities.
  • Don’t run the power cord between the mattress and box spring. The friction could lead to damaged cords, overheating, or the risk of a fire. 
  • Don’t plug in the blanket all night unless it’s specifically designed for such long use. 
  • Don’t wash the electric blanket in the washing machine. While some care tags indicate the bedding is machine-washable, the tugging and twisting could lead to wire damage.
  • Don’t wash or splash your electric blanket to avoid damaging the wiring and to prevent shock.
  • Don’t iron your electric blanket to avoid melting the insulated wires. 
  • Don’t try repairing your electric blanket or tinkering with the wires to avoid extending the damage or exposing yourself to shock.
  • Don’t continue using a damaged electric blanket with frayed or exposed wires.

How to Safely Use an Electric Blanket 

Electric Blanket On Bed

 Your electric blanket is an incredible addition to your bedroom when properly used. You don’t need piles of linen to stay warm when you have this special blanket. To use your electric blanket comfortably and safely, here are some precautions to take: 

  • Never use an electric blanket under you.
  • Keep pets away from the blanket.
  • Avoid placing heavy items on top of the blanket.
  • Only use the blanket for a short time.
  • Unplug the blanket if you smell smoke or feel discomfort.
  • Unplug the power cord when not using your blanket.
  • Keep the blanket and heat control away from kids.
  • Avoid using the electric blanket on recliners, sofas, adjustable beds, or pull-out sofas because the heated wires might get pinched. 

An electric blanket is a brilliant addition to your bedroom to boost your sleeping experience. Unlike your traditional duvet/comforter or blanket, which takes some time to provide warmth, an electric bed works fast. Learning the dos and don’ts of electric blankets protects you and helps you care for the bedding properly.