Will A Twin Comforter Fit On A Daybed? 

Twin-size beds and daybeds have identical mattresses but different bedding sizes. Twin comforters are usually larger than those made specifically for daybeds, so they can look untidy when used on a daybed. 

However, a twin comforter can fit on a daybed correctly if you tuck it in well. You can also make a twin comforter fit on a daybed by stitching the sides or cutting it to size

You can transform a twin comforter into a daybed comforter with some arrangement, cutting, and stitching. However, if it still looks messy, your only option may be to get proper daybed bedding. 

Can a Twin Comforter Fit a Daybed?


A twin-size comforter will fit over a daybed since twin comforters are bigger than daybed comforters. You won’t notice any difference between a twin comforter and a daybed comforter with the right fitting techniques. 

Twin comforters have an average size of 52×99 inches, while daybed comforters are 62×86 inches. Twin comforters are slightly bigger and don’t have the special corner slits as daybed comforters, but they can still be perfectly placed on a daybed if you do it properly.

When you compare the mattress size, daybeds and twin beds are identical. Both require mattresses of 39×75 inches. However, since the daybed has two armrests and a backrest, it requires a smaller comforter to cover it. Daybeds double down as sofas and can be used in the living room, whereas twin beds are made specifically for the bedroom. 

While there are slight differences in bed height, frames, and length, these don’t affect the mattress size required on both beds. Also, while daybed sizes do vary, they are always smaller than twin beds, which is why twin comforters will normally fit on daybeds.

Unfortunately, the reverse is not true. Most daybed comforters won’t fit on a twin bed. 

How Can I Make a Twin Comforter Fit on a Daybed? 


If you have a daybed and want to use a twin comforter on it, you’ll need to fit it perfectly. Twin comforters are designed for the flat shape of a twin bed and aren’t easy to use on a daybed. The comforter may slide down every time someone sits on the bed, and the long edges of the twin comforter will drape over the sides of the daybed. This gives it an untidy look. 

Fortunately, you can perfect your daybed’s look by placing the twin comforter correctly. Follow these tips to help you make a twin comforter fit on a daybed: 

  • Get a Comforter the Same Length as the Mattress 

The best way to avoid the untidy draping is to get a comforter that’s same size as the mattress. This may be a bit difficult to find since most comforters are designed with lengths larger than 75 inches. If you can’t find the right comforter, you can order a custom-made one instead. 

  • Tuck the Comforter in Completely 

The second option is to tuck in the comforter completely to avoid the untidy drape. Tucking the comforter under the mattress will also help avoid sliding when placing a twin comforter on a daybed. 

To tuck the comforter in on all sides, you’ll need one that’s bigger than the mattress. Twin comforters are perfect since they are much longer than 75 inches. 

  • Use a Thinner Comforter

Twin comforters come in varying thicknesses, and most people prefer thicker comforters for their softness. However, it’s much harder to tuck in the sides of a thicker comforter, so try to use a thinner one instead. 

  • Cut the Comforter to Size

The size is the major difference between a twin comforter and a daybed comforter. You can cut it down to size to fit a twin comforter on a daybed. You’ll only need to cut along the width since you can tuck in the sides. 

  • Stitch the Corners

Daybeds require comforters with closed corners to prevent the comforters from falling off the bed. You can turn a twin comforter into a daybed comforter by sewing the front-end corners together. 

Remember, twin comforters aren’t designed for daybeds, so you’ll need to adjust them to maintain the room’s neatness. If the comforters are always falling off, tucking them in and sewing the corners will usually do the trick. 

Tips for Buying Daybed Bedding

While twin-size bedding may be used for a daybed as we’ve described, you’ll probably need proper daybed bedding if you want the perfect look. Here are some tips to help you buy the right daybed bedding: 

  • Get discounts with a daybed bedding set (on Amazon). A complete bedding set will cost much less than individual components, and you’ll get a consistent design. 
  • Choose thicker comforters for more comfortable bedding. Try using cotton bedding since it’s cooler in the summer. 
  • Use a bedspread in place of a comforter when you don’t plan on sleeping on the daybed.