How to Remove Nail Polish From a Comforter

There’s nothing worse than doing your nails in bed and spilling nail polish all over your favorite comforter. Nail polish stains are difficult to clean and can leave a particularly ugly mark on bedding fabric. 

Fortunately, you can remove nail polish from a comforter with acetone and absorbent paper towels. Alternatively, you can use hydrogen peroxide, mineral oil, OxiClean, and hair or bug spray to get the nail polish off.

You can take your comforter to a dry cleaner for professional stain removal if nothing else works. However, it’s best to try these DIY solutions first.  

Can Nail Polish Be Removed From a Comforter? 

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You can remove nail polish from a comforter if you use the right materials and follow the correct cleaning procedure. The key to effectively removing nail polish from bedding material is to clean it immediately. If you leave it for too long, the stain will become more difficult to remove. 

To clean nail polish from a comforter, you’ll need these cleaning materials: 

Since time is of the essence when cleaning nail polish from bedding, don’t spend too long looking for the perfect cleaning material. If you can’t find acetone, use an acetone-based nail polish remover instead. 

If the nail polish has time to set, don’t stress out. Dry nail polish can also be removed from a comforter, although it may be slightly more difficult and time-consuming. 

How to Remove Nail Polish From a Comforter 

It’s important to act fast when nail polish falls on your bedding. Wet nail polish is easier to clean if you do it correctly. Follow these steps to remove nail polish from a comforter: 

Step 1: Soak up the wet nail polish with paper towels if the polish is still wet. Use special absorbent paper towels to soak up as much nail polish as possible. 

Step 2: Place the stained area on a few paper towels. The paper towels will absorb the nail polish as you clean it, preventing the stain from spreading. 

Step 3: Wet a cotton ball with acetone or nail polish remover and blot the backside of the stained area. If the fabric contains acetate, avoid using acetone or acetone-based nail polish removers since it may dissolve the fabric. 

Do a stain test on a corner of the comforter to see how the acetone reacts with the fabric. If the fabric maintains its color and texture, you can proceed with acetone. Otherwise, use hydrogen peroxide or another acetone alternative.

Be careful not to rub the cotton into the stain, as this will cause the stain to spread. Repeat this 2-3 times. 

Step 4: Rinse the acetone off the fabric. This will give you a better idea of how much the stain has been removed. Repeat step 3 if there’s still a significant stain. 

Step 5: Apply stain removal detergent and wash the comforter. 

Other Ways to Remove Nail Polish From a Comforter

Cleaning a mattress fabric with a foam stain remover

The above steps should help you get most stains off a comforter. However, if you can’t use acetone on the comforter, try these materials instead: 

  • Use Hydrogen Peroxide 

Follow the same steps as with acetone, but replace the acetone or nail polish remover with hydrogen peroxide. However, be careful when using hydrogen peroxide on colored covers as it may cause color loss. 

  • Try Oxi-Clean 

Oxiclean Stain Remover (on Amazon) is great for removing ink stains and can work on nail polish as well. Since it won’t damage your comforter, you may want to give it a try if acetone doesn’t work. 

  •  Use Mineral Oil 

Use mineral oil in the same way as acetone to remove nail polish stains. Mineral oil is an absorbent chemical and won’t damage the bedding fabric. 

  • Use Hair or Bug Spray

Hair and bug sprays are often used to remove ink stains and may also work on nail polish. However, do a patch test before spraying your comforter with hair spray. 

  • Take Your Comforter to the Cleaners 

Professional dry cleaners have commercial spray that can remove most nail polish stains without damaging your comforter. If none of the above steps work, this option can be your last resort.