Should You Pressure Wash Your Garage Floor?

What’s the best way to clean your garage floor? Should you use good old elbow grease or bring the big guns and do a proper pressure wash? The question isn’t easy and can vary from person to person.

It’s best to pressure wash your garage floor once a year. Washing it more often than that can damage your concrete floors. First, apply a degreasing agent, then scrub the floor with a brush, and finally, pressure washes it. Wear boots and goggles, and don’t point the pressure washer at your feet.

One thing is for sure: if regular cleaning isn’t delivering the perfect finish, a pressure wash might be the better way to go. We’ll let you know how to go about powering washing and how safe it is for your floor.  

Should You Pressure Wash Your Garage Floor?

Close up Outdoor floor cleaning with high pressure water jet

Concrete is the most common material used in building garage floors due to its durability and rigidity. While it is an excellent material, it retains many stains that are sometimes difficult to remove.

A pressure wash is one of the best ways to clean out set-in and stubborn stains on your garage floor in a short amount of time. This is unlike manual cleaning, which takes hours and might not give the same outcome.

Pressure washing is a straightforward task:

  1. First, you need to sweep the garage with a broom. This way, you remove any debris that could cause blockages in your washer.
  1. Next, apply a degreasing agent. The degreasing agent breaks down the oil stains. This action ensures that the stain, no matter how stubborn, is cleaned out in no time.
  1. Carry out a quick inspection of your garage area and cover any remaining items with a tarp.
  1. Get out your pressure washer and set it to the appropriate PSI (Pressure per square inch). You can find this setting on the machine. If not there, begin at low pressure and increase as needed.
  1. Fill up the washer’s reservoir with the cleaning solution.
  1. Pressure wash!

If you need to save time cleaning your floors and getting rid of difficult stains, pressure washing is the way to go.

Is It Safe to Pressure Wash Your Garage?

Washing the side skirt of a white car with a high pressure water spray gun

When pressure washing your garage floors, pressure is everything. The tools for pressure washing are pretty powerful, and you have to be careful when using them. Power washers are relatively safe when you adhere to safety regulations while using them.

Some of the safety precautions to take while using pressure washers include:

  • Wearing protective boots so the high-pressure water doesn’t affect your toes.
  • Wear goggles so flying debris doesn’t get into your eyes.
  • Be careful not to point the pressure washer wand at your feet.
  • Don’t use your hand to check the water pressure.
  • Ensure that you completely shut down the pressure washer before adding or removing any accessories.

Many people pressure wash their garage floors incorrectly, leading to extensive damage to the floor. Use the following steps To ensure you have a safe and effective pressure wash.

Apply a Degreasing Agent

Many people get the first step of pressure washing wrong. It’s instinctual to want to sweep the floor after clearing the garage. Doing this is a bad move. It will only raise dust and make the pressure washing operation more difficult.

Ideally, the first step is to spray the floor with a degreasing agent or a concrete cleaner. When applying degreasing agent and water at low pressure, you make it difficult or impossible for dust to form.

Use A Pressure Washer Brush

After applying the detergent, don’t rush to rinse it off. The optimal method is to allow the detergent to work its magic for a while. Then attach a brush to the water wand and clear the larger debris. Apart from cleaning the litter, the bristles allow the detergent to foam and clean out oil states.

Spray Clean

Spray cleaning is where the pressure washer gets to show what it can do. At this stage, it’s time to let it rip. Adjust the nozzle to the correct pressure and start to spray. The best spraying technique is to begin from the back and let the water flow to the door.

One good thing about pressure washers is that they actually utilize less water than a hose.

Is There a Difference in Pressure Washing and Pressure Washing Your Garage Floor?

People use pressure washing and pressure washing interchangeably, but they actually aren’t the same. There is a significant difference between pressure and pressure washers. The difference is that pressure washers use hot water, while pressure washers do not.

Using hot water in its operation makes pressure washers highly effective in combating stubborn oil and grease stains.

How Often Can You Pressure Wash Your Garage Floor?

As much as pressure washing can help make your garage spotless, too much of any good thing can be bad. It would be best to wash it once a year.

This is because if you wash your concrete floors too often, they can actually be damaged. For this reason, use your pressure washer sparingly to prevent cracks and chips on your flooring.


Without a doubt, pressure washing saves a lot of time and effort. It is also an excellent way to eradicate stubborn grease and oil stains. As long as safety precautions are adhered to, pressure washers are pretty safe to use.

In the enclosed spaces of a garage, it is safer to use an electric pressure washer instead of a gas-powered one. Using gas power washers in an enclosed place could lead to carbon monoxide buildup and poisoning.

Finally, pressure clean your garage floor only once per year. That will make your concrete last longer.