Should You Cover A Car In A Garage?

A car cover in a garage can be a great way to further protect your car from any dust or debris. If you don’t use your vehicle as frequently, buying a car cover and using it in a garage makes even more sense. However, it can become tiring and time-consuming if you’re using it for a car you use every day.  

You should cover your car in the garage if it sits for an extended time. Even in a garage, your vehicle can be exposed to harsh conditions over a long period. In most cases, this will be more beneficial for exotic, expensive, or antique cars to preserve the quality and value of the vehicle.

There are several types of cars covers in the market, ranging from lightweight ones, semi-custom fit, and warranties. The idea is to get one that meets your specific needs the best. 

Should You Cover A Car In A Garage?

Covered car in a garage

While having a car cover is always a good idea, it depends whether it’s worth the effort of putting it on and off, along with buying it. If you’re someone who doesn’t use their car a lot, then a car cover is a sensible and practical investment.

However, having a car cover in a garage for a car you use every day might not be worth the hassle. 

A car cover can indeed provide added protection against scratches, minor dents, dings, and paint damages. If you have a holiday car or something like a convertible, it makes more sense to have a car cover on, even if it’s parked in a garage.

The cover will keep your car protected from dust, sand, and other debris which could damage the car. 

Another important aspect is choosing the right kind of cover. Car covers come in different types. Here are some factors worth considering.

Car Cover Factors to Consider

Lightweight: Since your car isn’t parked outside, exposed to the harsh freezing weather, or left in the burning sun, a lightweight car cover should be just fine. A lightweight cover is perfect for keeping off the dust and other light debris which could get into the garage. Lightweight covers are also easy to fold and keep away when not needed. 

Semi-custom fit: While universal-fit covers are the most cost-effective, they may not have the suggested fit. Semi-custom fit covers sit in the sweet spot between universal fit and custom fit. So, you can get a decent fit cover without paying the exorbitant price of a fully custom cover. 

Multi-layer protection: Since your car is parked in a garage, it’s not essential to have multi-layers, but it’s a good feature to have, nevertheless. Multi-layer protection can protect your car from the harsh UV rays of the sun, as well as high temperatures. 

Durability: Quality over quantity. Always go with a cover with superior craftsmanship, so you don’t have to run around changing it every few months. 

How To Determine If Your Car Needs a Cover In a Garage

Protective cover awning for cars

Ideally, a car cover for indoors makes more sense if you’re not frequently using the car. It can become a hassle and waste a lot of time trying to put it on and off every day. 

Here are some of the most popular reasons to help determine whether your car needs a cover in the garage: 

Military/service: If you’re in the military and traveling around a lot, chances are you won’t be home as often. In these cases, it’s a good idea to have your car protected. An indoor car cover can keep it safe from dust and debris, which can cause scratches. 

Precious ride cars: Some cars are not for regular use to drop the kids off at school or go on a grocery run. If you’re someone who has a car just for some peaceful calming rides down the country every once in a while, then it’s a good idea to have a car cover on. 

Expensive cars: High-value cars can also justify the effort, time, and money that you will put into getting a car cover. It’s well worth it to have your expensive classic car or sports car always protected from dust and scratches. 

Infrequent use: Generally, if you don’t always use your car for whatever reason and it’s primarily parked in the garage, it can be a good idea to get a cover. 

Can Car Covers Help Protect From Moisture In Your Garage? 

Yes, if you choose a breathable car cover, it can also protect from moisture. A breathable car cover allows moisture to escape the car body and evaporate immediately, therefore causing no harm. 

If you live in a tropical area or next to an ocean, chances are moisture will build up inside your car cover. Therefore, you need to be careful and particular with the kind of car cover you choose. 

A non-breathable cover will allow moisture to enter – however; it won’t let it exist. This means that the moisture is trapped inside, and it can cause spots or milky-white marks, which can both cause paint damage. Trapped moisture leads to mold formation, which can cause more problems for your car. 

Along with that, a car cover inside the garage can also protect from debris, dust, and pollen, all of which can damage your car. No garage is sealed airtight, which means there are chances of wind and dust coming in. 

The pollen can make your car paint look discolored, as well as dusty. Dust can also cause scratches on your car. 

What Are Some Of The Best Car Covers?

There are a few great options to choose from when getting car covers for inside. Here are some available in the market that we think might be great options for you to pick from: 

Coverking Moda Triguard Car Cover

Our overall top pick is the Coverking Moda Triguard Car Cover. It consists of three layers of polypropylene, which is treated for UV protection and is highly breathable at the same time. On top of that, this cover also repels moisture and lets it easily evaporate, preventing the formation of any mold or scratches on your paint. 

The Coverking Moda Triguard Car Cover is also waterproof, so that’s another thing you don’t have to worry about. It comes with an elastic bottom which helps secure the cover with the car tightly. This cover also has a year-long warranty.

While all this may sound great, you may want to consider factors such as the limited sizes available and the fact that tie-down storage bags are not included within. 

OxGord Signature Car Cover

The OxGord Signature Car Cover is another great option, whether it’s for a sedan or an SUV. This cover offers protection from an array of usual problems, including dust, debris, pollen, UV light, pollutants, and heavy rainfall. 

It’s made from high-density 210T material, which is also waterproof. With a soft inner lining, it protects the car body from getting any scratches. It’s also relatively affordable at around $70. 

With that said, this may not be for extreme weather and offers only a single layer of protection. 

CarCapsule CC16F

Perhaps the most eye-catching and interesting car cover on the list is the CarCapsule CC16F. If you can afford this cover, it’s a great way to keep your car safe. 

The CarCapsule CC16F has evaporative storage technology, which changes the air inside the bubble every 4 hours. This keeps the internal temperature constant, as well as eliminates any condensation. 

It’s made from reinforced PVC fabric, protecting it from any tool-like equipment falling on it. It’s a great option if you have a messy garage with tools and objects all over the place. 

However, to get all these features, you need to get past the hefty price tag of almost $480.