Do Wall Mounted Toilets Have A Weight Limit?

Wall strength, quality of toilet bowl, and installation process are essential factors that can make a difference in how much weight a wall-mounted toilet can sustain. Luckily, most toilet brands will have a standard for the weight limits and minimum capacity nowadays.

It dIt depends on the kind of toilet you’re using and the quality of its installation. Toilets in the US must have a minimum capacity to take 500 pounds, and some brands can push that up to 800 pounds. You can increase this with your installation as well.

You can increase the weight limit of a wall-mounted toilet by making some adjustments and upgrades yourself too. Your installation of wall-mounted toilet support can improve the weight capacity from 500 pounds to 1000 pounds. Making sure all the nuts and bolts are correctly installed is also very important for safety purposes. 

Do Wall Mounted Toilets Have A Weight Limit?

Small modern restroom with all furnishing

Wall-mounted toilets have, without a doubt, given bathrooms a modern and fresh look. However, by raining the toilet off the ground, a common question regarding the weight limit has started to come up.

This depends on a few factors, such as the mounting structure, the wall, and what is holding the toilet up. 

There is no standard weight for a wall-mounted toilet, and different factors affect the amount of weight a toilet can take. However, generally, they can withstand from 500 to 800 pounds. 

Installing stronger wall supports, installing a better-built toilet bowl, and having better wall strength are other factors that can help make your wall-mounted toilet more sturdy.

Other than that, a loose washer or an over-tightened nut can also become a problem in terms of how much weight the toilet can take over time. 

The steel framework, which keeps the toilet in place, can also weigh around 50 or 80 pounds. This is why all the minor adjustments need to be made perfect before installing a wall-mounted toilet. If not, the toilet can collapse and cause injuries. 

Average Weight Capacity For a Wall Mounted Toilet 

The average weight a wall-mounted toilet can take is about 500 pounds. This is the minimum weight standard set by the US ASME National Consensus Standards for wall-mounted toilets. 

However, different wall-mounted toilets can have different weight limits. Here are three examples of popular wall-mounted toilets and the average weights they can sustain: 

Toto Aquia Wall Hung Dual Flush Toilet: This toilet can take around 800 pounds, which is even more than the standard 500. It uses the Toto in-wall tank system. Apart from that, Toto is considered the best toilet brand by many. 

Kohler Veil Wall-Hung Toilet: This specific toilet can take about 500 pounds, which is the standard recommendation. 

American Standard Glenwall Wall Toilet: This toilet can take 500+ pounds.

With that said, there are still people who have concerned about the weight limit of wall-mounted toilets. Here are a few factors to consider when you’d like to increase the durability of your wall-mounted toilet: 

  • The average weight limit of the bowl of the wall mounted toilet
  • The toilet carrier and it’s average weight limit
  • The strength of the wall
  • Ensuring the toilet is installed correctly 

To ensure that the wall-mounted toilet can maintain its weight capacity, the installation process should be done with care and detail. Make sure all the nuts and bolts are screwed in properly. If there is a fault in the installation process, the toilet could fall and injure someone. 

Can Wall Mounted Toilets Fall? 

Over time, wall-mounted toilets can become loose. This is because the nuts and bolts have constant pressure exerted on them, and for that matter, you need to make sure that they’re tightened at all times. 

A few wall-mounted toilets come with a panel that can be removed and repaired, and many don’t. This makes repairs an even bigger hassle because you have to bring the entire wall down to repair it and then put it all back again. 

How To Increase Weight Capacity On a Wall Mounted Toilet

Wall-mounted toilet in the toilet room with ceramic tiles design

You can simply increase the weight limit of your wall-mounted toilet from 500 pounds to an impressive 1000 pounds. This is done by using wall-mounted toilet support. Here’s how: 

  • Make sure that it’s clean underneath your wall mounted toilet before you start to install the support. You can use an alcohol-based cleaners to clean the bottom. 
  • Next, on the bottom of the wall mounted toilet, you need to look for a place where the support can fit in tight and snug. 
  • Next, you can screw the leg of the support on the floor. This will help it fit even more tighter and snug. 
  • While you’re on it, make sure that the support is also perpendicular to the floor just to make sure everything is properly leveled up. 
  • Finally, once the support is installed, you can apply caulking under your toilet. This will help seal and close up the joint. 

Other factors that can help to increase the weight limit on your wall-mounted toilet are: 

Bowl Construction: The toilet bowl must be of good quality for a toilet to hold more weight. This means it should be made of quality materials and have a durable design. Furthermore, the shape of the bowl should be good enough to fit in the mounting system in the wall. 

Carrier Frame Weight Limit: The tall, mounted toilet is essentially installed into a steel frame. The design of the frame has a lot to do with the weight limit. Furthermore, the quality of steel, as well as the brackets and bolts used to keep the frame and toilet in place, make a big difference as well. 

Wall Strength: The frame that keeps and holds the toilet in place is partially supported by the studs in the wall. If these studs become weak or damaged, they can’t take as much weight on the toilet anymore.