How To Stop A Refrigerator Water Dispenser From Leaking

Refrigerator water dispensers are an essential part of any home or office. With it, we can conveniently enjoy water or ice at any time of the day. However, a leaking water dispenser can be dangerous and bothersome. Not only is it frustrating to see a puddle of water slowly growing underneath your refrigerator, but it can also discolor or rot the floors and increase the risk of someone slipping and falling. 

The first step toward stopping a leak is determining the cause. Check for an overflowing catch pan, damaged tubing, bent water lines, a broken water valve, or a blocked filter. Some of these issues can be easily resolved (empty the pan, clear the filter), while others require professional assistance.

There are different reasons why your refrigerator’s water dispenser might be leaking. Some of the issues are quite easy to fix, and you can do the repairs yourself. Other issues might require a professional’s attention. Read on for different reasons why your water dispenser might be leaking and ideas of how to fix each one.

What Causes a Refrigerator Water Dispenser to Drip?

woman taking cold water into glass from home refrigerator

A fridge water dispenser may leak for a handful of reasons. Here are the most common ones:

Trapped Air in the Tubing

The water in the dispenser is chilled through the water tubing located at the back of the refrigerator compartment. Sometimes, the air gets trapped in those water lines and causes a leak.

Normal Drops

It’s possible that after you’ve filled your glass of water and stopped the dispenser, some leaking occurs afterward as the device shuts off. However, this should be only a few drops. You should always hold your glass under the dispenser for a few extra seconds after you turn it off.

Overflowing Catch Pan

As part of every water dispenser, there is a removable pan that collects excess water. If this pan is too full, it can cause puddles to form on the kitchen floor.

Damaged Tubing

The water supply is connected to the dispenser through vinyl tubing. This tubing can be damaged, causing water to leak out.

Broken Water Valve

The water valve can get loose from use or due to high water pressure in the refrigerator dispenser. This causes a continuous leak from the valve.

Bent Water Lines or Couplers

It’s possible that the water lines behind the refrigerator doors are not installed properly or are bent. In that case, air can get into the water coupler and cause dripping.

No Water Filter or an Improperly Fixed Water Filter

If you don’t install a water filter properly, it can cause your water dispenser to leak. Furthermore, when your dispenser has no filter, foreign substances can get lodged in the water pipe, causing a leak to occur.

How Do You Fix a Leaking Water Dispenser?

Male technician with screwdriver repairing refrigerator

There are a variety of fixes for the variety of potential causes behind any water dispenser leak. Try these possible solutions and see if you can solve the issue:

Purge the Tubing

To fix air trapped in the tubing, place a large container under the dispenser. Then, press and hold the dispenser bar for two to three minutes to flush out the air. Repeat this process two or three times. This dislodges the air in the tubing, and your dispenser should work fine afterward.

Repair the Water Line

To inspect the water line for repairs, you must first turn the refrigerator off. Turn on the shut-off valve as well. These actions are taken as precautions to prevent damage to the fridge. Then, check the waterline.

If it looks intact, then ice may have gotten lodged in the line, causing the blockage. Leave the fridge off for about five hours to allow the ice to melt. However, if the water line is damaged, you should call an appliance technician to replace it.

Replace a Damaged Water Valve

You can repair a damaged water valve by replacing the valve. For the best results, you should call a technician to fix it.

Empty the Catch Pan

An overflowing catch pan can seem like leakage from the dispenser. Still, you can quickly fix this issue by removing the pan and disposing of the water.

Replace Damaged Tubing

If you need to replace damaged tubing, call a technician for assistance.

Unblock the Water Filter

First, locate the filter cover. Then, pull the filter out of its compartment. Next, remove any blockages from the filter and put it back into place. Close the compartment and check whether the leak has stopped.

Still Leaking? Call a Technician

If you’ve tried everything and the dripping continues, or if you can’t identify the problem yourself, call a technician to take a look at your refrigerator and repair it. Sometimes we need a professional’s help!