Will A Full-Size Comforter Fit On A Twin-Size Bed?

Comforters provide you with much-needed warmth through the night. However, choosing the right comforter size for your bed can be tricky because comforter sizes vary from one brand to the next. This may leave you wondering: Does a full-size comforter fit on a twin-size bed?

A full-size comforter can fit on a twin-size bed. However, due to the width differences between a twin bed and a full bed, the full-size comforter will likely hang over the sides a bit. You can trim the comforter if desired.

Let’s look at how to measure a bed for your comforter, select the best option, and use a full-size comforter on a twin-size bed.

Does A Full Comforter Fit On A Twin-Sized Bed

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Although both a full bed and a twin bed are the same length, the widths are different. A standard twin bed is 68 x 86 inches, while a standard full bed is 76 x 86 inches. This means a full bed is 8 inches wider than a twin bed.

Therefore, your full-size comforter will hang 4 inches over the sides of your twin bed. It’s then vital to accommodate the size difference by centering the full-size comforter on the bed. This helps minimize the difference and ensures that the comforter is evenly distributed on either side of the bed.

However, if you prefer not to have an over-hanging comforter, you can trim your full comforter to fit on your twin bed. But before you proceed, make sure you’re up to the job! Some decent trimming and sewing skills are required.

You can also fit a full-size comforter on a twin bed by arranging the bed against the wall, pulling your comforter towards the wall, and stitching it down to hide the overhanging part of the comforter.

How to Pick the Right Comforter

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As you search for a new comforter, you’ll want to find a comforter that fits your bed perfectly. Although there are no standard comforter sizes, the standard bed size chart below will help you bring home the right comforter for your bed.

Bed SizeMattress Measurement (Inches)Comforter Width (Inches)Comforter Length (Inches)
Crib28 x 5228 – 3648 – 52
Twin38 x 7566 – 6886 – 88
Twin XL38 x 806890
Full Double54 x 7581 – 8486 – 88
Queen60 x 8086 – 8896 – 100
King (Eastern King)76 x 8010286 – 88
California King (Western King)72 x 84107 – 11096 – 98

The mattress thickness will also determine how well the comforter fits your mattress. Many mattresses have a thickness of between 9 and 12 inches. Therefore, any mattress thickness of 12 inches or less will work well with the bed sizes outlined above.

However, adding a comforter layer or an additional pillow top can increase the mattress thickness by 15 or 20 inches. A mattress thickness of over 12 inches requires a wider comforter like the URBANLIFE Down and Feather Comforter (Amazon).

On the other hand, a mattress thickness between 6 and 8 inches requires a comforter on the lower end of the width scale, such as the Utopia Bedding Comforter (on Amazon).

How to Correctly Measure a Bed for a Comforter

To correctly measure a bed for a comforter, you need to figure out the width and length of your mattress. You can get the bed length by measuring the distance between the head of your mattress and the foot of the mattress. 

The width refers to the measurement in inches from the farthest right side of your mattress to the farthest left side of your mattress. Measuring width is trickier. This is because the final width size takes into account the thickness of your mattress.

Fortunately, it is quite simple to measure the thickness. The thickness is found by getting measurements from the lowest seam to the highest point of your bed.

Add the width measurement to the thickness measurement to get the final width of your bed. For example, for a king-size mattress that is 12 inches thick and 76 inches wide, add 12 and 76 to get 100 inches as the final width of your mattress.