How to Use Fitted Sheets on an Air Mattress

Sometimes, it can be pretty challenging to make fitted sheets stay on regular mattresses, and the situation can be even worse with air mattresses, thanks to their material and varying heights and shapes. Though it may be rather tricky to get an air mattress and a sheet to work together, sheets are an essential way to get the most comfort from an air mattress. So, can you put a fitted sheet on an air mattress?

Most air mattresses can use the same types of sheets as regular mattresses. In the case of very high air mattresses, a deep fitted sheet may be best, or if the mattress is flocked at the top, you can drape a flat sheet over the top. The flocking will help keep the sheet in place.

Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to use a fitted sheet over an air mattress, though it requires some knowledge and practice to get it right. Let’s look at some tips on how to use fitted sheets with your air mattresses as well as how to keep regular sheets on your air mattress.

Can You Put a Fitted Sheet on an Air Mattress?

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Standard fitted sheets can usually stay on an air mattress without too many issues. The only difference is that sometimes a deep-fitted sheet (on Amazon) is needed. This helps the sheet cover the entire height of your mattress.

If all you have is a standard fitted sheet and you need some additional support, you can keep the sheets in place by using bed straps (on Amazon).

You can also get it right by taking the measurements of your sheets and air mattress — and shopping accordingly.

How Do You Fit a Fitted Sheet on an Air Mattress?

When putting a fitted sheet on a mattress, spreading it out as flat as possible can make things easier. Then, get the corners of the sheet to align with the mattress corners and do the same for each side. You can apply the exact same process for air mattresses.

Generally, fitted sheets will stay in place a little more securely when you place them over an air mattress topper (on Amazon). Toppers usually have more grip than the air mattress itself, so they help make the sheets stay in place.

If possible, use a sheet with the same full depth as your air mattress because a shorter one is likely to fall off the mattress. A deep fitted sheet is ideal for a thick air mattress than a standard fitted sheet.

Once you’ve put on an appropriately fitted sheet, flip over the air mattress or lay it on its side, then fix clip-on sheet straps (on Amazon), also known as sheet suspenders, over the mattress in the form of an “X.”

How to Keep Flat Sheets on an Air Mattress

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Due to their grip, fitted sheets work best with air mattresses. You can also use flat sheets, but they will undoubtedly prove rather challenging to keep on (and should be used along with a fitted sheet).

To get a flat sheet to stay, all you have to do is ensure that each corner is able to fold firmly around the edges of the air mattress.

This is another situation where bed straps can be useful for keeping your fitted sheets in place.

If you intend to lay a flat sheet over a fitted sheet, you can try to spread the fitted sheet first without using the straps, then add the straps later after laying the flat sheet.