Yes, You Can Eat Food In The Bathroom. But Should You?

Bathrooms often have various invisible germs lurking everywhere. However, many people admit to eating and drinking on the toilet or in the bathtub. Whether sneaking snacks into the bathroom, sipping some wine while soaking in the tub, or eating in the restroom is debatable. But should you eat food in the bathroom?

Although most people do it because of lack of time or necessity, snacking or drinking in the bathroom is not advisable. It exposes you to the risk of infection from different pathogens. But if you eat in the bathroom, dry snacks and bottled drinks are your safest bet.

Your bathroom may appear clean after a recent wash, but it is still among the most unhygienic places in your house. After all, it’s where you clean yourself and poop. In addition, the restroom surfaces may have grime and dirt so avoid carrying open plates and mugs. Keep reading for more information about eating and drinking in the bathroom.

Why Eat in the Bathroom?

Bulimic woman feeling sick guilty sitting at the floor of the toilet leaning on WC eating pizza

People in crowded bathrooms often find the bathroom to be the only private place. With packed schedules, others often eat while driving or on the toilet to save time. For others, it’s a compulsion that’s hard for them to control.

Below are some of the top reasons why people eat in the bathroom.

Lack of Time

The most common reason for eating in the bathroom is being too busy to take a break from work.

If you’re eating at your desk, you may be tempted to skip lunch or grab something quick from the vending machine because it’s convenient. Unfortunately, this can lead to an unhealthy diet and weight gain over time.

Eating in the bathroom forces you to take a break from work and sit down for a meal, so even if it’s not the most enjoyable experience, it gives you some extra time to relax and enjoy your food.

Extreme Hunger

You could be starving because you skipped breakfast and lunch or simply because you have been working hard all day long without taking any breaks. Either way, when you are starving, everything tastes better.

So if you need a quick snack between classes or meetings, you may be tempted to indulge yourself in some chips or cookies.

Testing the Norms of the World

You might eat in the bathroom because you’re trying to push boundaries—eating in public places is frowned upon by many societies worldwide, so doing it deliberately can be seen as rebellious or even dangerous behavior.

Is it Unhygienic to Eat Food in the Bathroom?

Yes. Eating in the bathroom is gross, and the bathroom rarely provides a clean, sanitary space.

Bathrooms are breeding grounds for germs, and you don’t want to be eating food in a place where bacteria can spread quickly. Ensure you schedule your meals so you never have to eat or drink in the bathroom, as it could lead to gastrointestinal bacterial infections.

A bathroom is a place where you can slip and fall, especially when it’s wet. You may suffer severe injuries when eating and taking a shower simultaneously.

What are the Risks of Eating Food in the Bathroom?

Bathroom eating can lead to various health risks because of unsanitary conditions. It can lead to a wide range of issues, including:

Getting Sick

The bathroom is the perfect breeding ground for disease-causing organisms such as bacteria. Bacteria that cause food poisoning thrive in moist environments like bathrooms, which is why so many people get sick from eating food that has been left out too long on a counter or table.

Eating food from the bathroom sink or toilet could be at risk for salmonella, E. coli, and other stomach bugs that can cause diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting.

You are More Likely to Overeat or Binge

Eating in the bathroom makes you more likely to overeat and binge than if you were to sit at a table. This is because no one is around when you eat in the bathroom, and you don’t feel any pressure from others. So you may end up eating more than what is healthy.

You Can Suffer from a Food Allergy Attack

Another reason eating in the bathroom is unsuitable for your health is it can cause an allergic reaction in some people. If you have food allergies, eating in the bathroom will be very risky since it will make it harder for someone else to help you if something goes wrong.

What About Drinking in the Bathroom?

Young woman drinking water near mirror

Is it that bad to drink in the bathroom? Drinking beverages in the bathroom may be more hygienic than eating in because drinking involves less direct contact. Rather than picking chips with your fingers, drinking from a bottle is safer.

Drinking also involves a lot of saliva production. Saliva contains enzymes that help break down food and other compounds that help protect us from harmful bacteria.

Final Thoughts

So, should you eat food in the bathroom? If it’s just a little nibble or a quick bite or if you’re in dire need of something to eat, then don’t feel guilty.

It certainly won’t do any harm. But if you’re prone to long, leisurely meals while sitting on the toilet and have an unhealthy obsession with doing’ number two,’ we’d recommend skipping it altogether.