Can You Replace Kitchen Cabinet Doors?

You can indeed replace kitchen cabinet doors all by yourself avoiding the extra costs associated with professional contractors. Replacing cabinet doors involves removing old doors and installing new ones in their place whereas you need to veneer and install the doors if you opt for refacing.

Kitchen cabinet doors can either be replaced or refaced. With both options, you’ll be removing your current cabinet doors and replacing them with new ones. The main difference is that with refacing, you cover the new doors with a laminate or a wood veneer, giving your cabinets a new look.

If you’re willing to do the hard work and put in the time, replacing your cabinet doors can be extremely cost-effective. Door prices can start from $30 and go up, along with some tools like a cordless drill and screwdrivers, you’re all set.

Can You Replace Kitchen Cabinet Doors?

Worker installs doors to kitchen cabinet

Yes, you can indeed replace your kitchen cabinet doors. While it may require some handy work, it will definitely save you a lot of money doing it yourself instead of paying someone else to do it. An extra set of hands can definitely help, but it’s nothing you can’t get done by yourself.

When it comes to replacing your kitchen cabinet doors, you mainly have 3 options: you can either replace them, reface them, or simply paint them.

Replacing the cabinet doors involves completely removing the existing doors. You need to make sure that the cabinets and doors are properly aligned in order to avoid cracking and other damage down the line. As for refacing, this is when you give your cabinets an intensive facelift. Once the installation is done, you also need to veneer it.

Replacing or refacing the cabinet doors alone is more cost-effective than getting new cabinets. This is because going for a complete wall cabinet replacement will require contractors and other professionals.

What is The Difference In Replacing and Refacing Kitchen Cabinet Doors?

Messy home kitchen during remodeling with cabinet doors

While they may sound similar, replacing and refacing kitchen cabinet doors are two very different methods of giving your kitchen a facelift.


During the kitchen cabinet door replacement process, the doors from your kitchen cabinets are removed and new ones are installed in their place. While installing new ones, it’s critical to measure and make sure that their alignment is perfect with the cabinets. Misaligned doors can form cracks over time and damage the cabinets and your walls.

  • Replacing is generally easier than refacing
  • Replacement is recommended when the kitchen cabinet doors are out of shape or starting to look old
  • An expected price for replacing kitchen cabinets can be anywhere from $160 to $1,000 per linear foot


Refacing your kitchen cabinet doors is a process where existing cabinet doors are replaced and the new ones are covered with laminate or wood veneer. This process helps cover up blemishes, or any other problems in the material caused by wear and tear.

  • Unless you have experience in refacing or veneering, it can be challenging to do this by yourself
  • Refacing can easily save you about half the money you would spend on replacing your kitchen cabinet doors.
  • Refacing can be an option when the doors and drawers are particularly out of shape or need a facelift

How Do You Know If You Should Replace or Reface Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors?

Once you’ve decided that your kitchen cabinet doors do need some sort of a facelift, the next question to decide whether it’s replacing them or reface them.

When To Replace

Kitchen cabinet door replacement requires removing the existing doors and hanging new ones. Once again, measuring the doors with the cabinets they’re being installed into is a critical step in the replacement process.

Replacement makes the most sense if you’re doing a major kitchen facelift or a remodel. That’s because during the remodeling process, lots of things are being either removed or installed all at once.

With all this movement, it can be easy to damage the cabinet doors. Therefore, it makes the most sense to just replace them after most of the other renovations are done.

Secondly, a major kitchen renovation or facelift usually means that the overall aesthetic of the kitchen will be different. Therefore, to achieve a more consistent and streamlined style, replacing the cabinet doors make sense.

When To Reface

The refacing process involves not only installing new doors and drawers but also veneering them. This can be slightly more complex than cabinet door replacement.

If you aren’t renovating your entire kitchen, just the cabinets, then refacing makes more sense.

Also, if your cabinets are in fine shape and aren’t damaged, then refacing them would be best. Finally, budget is an important factor and the idea of refacing your kitchen cabinet doors becomes more attractive if you’re on a tight budget.

What Is The Average Cost To Replace Kitchen Cabinet Doors?

Assuming you’ve decided to replace your kitchen cabinet doors yourself, it would be helpful to have a budget in mind before you head out to buy the supplies.

Replacement Costs

Generally, the overall replacement costs for your kitchen cabinet doors can start at around $100 all the way to $1,000, these costs are suavely made up the materials, tools, and other hardware.

The most important and main cost is for the doors. Usually, the starting price of cabinet doors can be around $30 for a door. Prices can then go up depending on the material. Depending on how many doors you may need, you will need to multiply this cost by the number of cabinets in your kitchen.

Other costs include paints, doorknobs or door pulls, cleaning products, and the similar products. It would be a good idea to set aside anywhere from $20 to $30 for these additional costs per door.

Tools Needed

Buying the doors and the additional equipment is not enough, when installing the cabinet doors, yourself, you will need tools. Here is a list of tools you may need approximately how much money you should set aside for them.

  • 4-in-1 screwdriver
  • Cordless drill
  • Boring tool (in case you need to bore for hinges while working)

You should set aside around $70 to $200 for these tools depending on the quantity and quality you want.