Why The January Blues Are A Blessing In Disguise

Lifestyle January 5, 2018 By Hugo

We all feel down in the dumps post-Christmas, but the January blues can serve as an excellent impetus to improve our lives and overall well-being. It may sound daft, but by coming to the hard realization that life goes beyond Christmas, we feel more inclined to address areas in our life that we wouldn't usually do at any other time of year.

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You might not necessarily agree with every point we make, but on the whole, we think you'll agree with the benefits that come from the dreaded January blues.

Here are eight of them.

1. You're more likely to look after your body

New year, new me, right? It's a cliched mantra we are all guilty of ascribing to ourselves, and in most cases, that 'new you' often means hitting your nearest gym and toning your physique, and that's a good thing! Whatever people might tell you about gyms, be it the annoying jocks, the long queues for machines, and whatever else, they're actually places where people encourage each other to improve.

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The endorphins sent to your brain after a workout are also much-needed in such a month, and come the end of January -providing you stick to an exercise regime- you'll feel ready to kick ass for the rest of the year.

2. January is an ideal time to find yourself a date 

According to a recent article in the Daily Mail, January the 1st was thought to be the busiest day ever for online dating sites, with many singletons spurred on by the promise of newfound love in the new year.

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So if you're single and feel a romantic partner would enrich your life, then sign up to Tinder, and its ilk, and get swiping. With millions of online profiles to choose from, finding love has never been easier.

3. You'll realize that time is ticking

Another year goes by, and you'll probably feel like life is passing you by faster than you'd like. So it's simple: Don't let it. It may feel like it was only yesterday that you were opening your presents under the tree as a care-free 10-year-old, but now you're a fully-fledged adult, with real-life problems.

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So on the eve of our first day back at work, it isn't uncommon for us to question where we truly want to go in our lives and what we want to do in the long-run, and while these thoughts may not necessarily lift our spirits, they certainly give us a kick up the backside to go out and make our dreams a reality.

4. You'll want to challenge yourself

It isn't only keeping fit that motivates us to be a better version of ourselves in the new year. We're also likely to want to take on new projects and goals. That could be writing a novel for the first time, or picking up a paintbrush and painting something special.

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It might even be learning a new language! Whatever it is, January's blues can lead to many exciting things that you might not otherwise have thought of.

5. You'll feel more inclined to stay in

January not only generates a month-long period of somberness, it also gives us Dry January, a public health campaign which encourages people to give up drinking after drinking ourselves silly in the festive period.

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Thus the bars and clubs aren't typically that busy in January, and with most of us being out of pocket following splurging all our hard-earned cash on Xmas gifts, January can allow us to focus on ourselves at the weekends as opposed to using them to get drunk.

6. After returning to work, you'll assess your job satisfaction 

Once your much-needed festive holiday has drawn to an end, you will start the new year assessing whether or not you like what you do. 

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The conversations you have with yourself might not always be comfortable, but you'll probably ask yourself if you're being paid enough and whether you want to stay at your current place of work or eventually move on. 

7. You'll appreciate what you have 

While Xmas can create a lot of unnecessary stress over family disputes and forking out enough money to buy everyone a present, the festive season allows us to take stock of the things that really matter in life; those being our nearest and dearest.

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Moreover, those who aren't as fortunate as us also become front and center of news campaigns to make sure they survive the winter, so when January rolls around, while you might be feeling a bit of a lull and are sad you have to return to the four walls of your wage cell, you're probably more likely to spare a thought for those who have very little.

8. Your NYE resolution will probably be broken, but the thought of it will spur you on to be different

New Year's resolutions: We all make them, and we all break them. It's a common cycle throughout life, but just because we brake them, that doesn't mean we can't try again!

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Indeed, while January is awash with people wanting to be better versions of themselves, we can forget that it is simply the positive affirmation that we can do these things that serves us well. So if we break our resolution, at least we still have that strong desire in the back of our heads pushing us to continue trying. After all, as you probably already know, the clock is ticking, but your life can begin whenever you want it to.

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