What Is The Difference Between Twin And Twin XL Comforters?

Selecting the right bedding for your needs isn’t always as easy as it should be. You’ve got to consider your mattress size and the preferred materials, among other factors. And even once you’ve made up your mind on size, sometimes you get stuck again. For example, when you see that there are not one but two types of twin-size comforters: twin and twin XL!

Twin comforters are generally cheaper and more suitable for individuals under 6 feet tall. The Twin XL is ideal for single sleepers over 6 feet tall. So altogether, the most significant difference is that a Twin XL Comforter is about 5-6 inches longer than a standard Twin Comforter.

As you’re trying to figure out which comforter is best, length is an essential consideration. The additional 5 inches that you get with the twin XL is a game-changer for tall teens and adults. It’s also essential to note that there are some drawbacks to each of the comforters. Let’s take a closer look at the options so that you can pick out the very best comforter for your needs.

Differences Between Twin and Twin XL

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There are a few distinctions in bedding sizes to consider when deciding between a twin-size comforter (on Amazon) and a twin XL comforter (also on Amazon). While manufacturers made both for a single sleeper, and they’re comparable in terms of width, the twin XL is longer.

Understanding the precise length variations helps make the buying process a breeze.

The difference in size between a twin and a twin XL mattress is only a few inches, but for tall teenagers or college students who tend to use twin XL beds, those inches matter.

A twin mattress measures 39 inches long by 75 inches wide, whereas a twin XL mattress measures 39 inches long by 80 inches wide.

The twin XL mattress and its associated bedding tend to be more comfortable for taller people because of the increased length. Twin XL mattresses are especially common in college dorm rooms. A queen-size bed, by comparison, is the same length as a twin XL but nearly doubles in breadth.

A queen-sized bed can accommodate two adults sleeping side by side. In a twin XL, two sleeping people might be a little cramped. When two twin XL beds are put together, they are nearly the same size as a king’s bed.

Is There a Cost Difference Between Twin and Twin XL?

Twin XL mattresses are usually more expensive than twin mattresses. While the price difference isn’t significant, accessories for twin XL may also be more expensive. If you’re on a limited budget, going with a twin size can help you save money. Keep in mind that not all manufacturers of mattress fixtures, bed frames, etc., offer twin XL as an option.

Who Should Get a Twin Size?

The height of the sleeper is the most important factor to consider while deciding between twin XL and twin. For individuals over 6 feet tall or so, the twin XL provides an extra 5 inches of legroom, which can make a big difference.

The twin size is 75 inches (6 feet, 3 inches) long, which may seem plenty for your height — but keep in mind that your pillow also takes up a lot of room.

Twin-size mattresses are very common for children and teens. Parents should consider the mattress’s lifespan, which is normally 7-10 years, and the possibility that their children will outgrow it.

If your child is tall for their age, select a twin XL mattress to ensure that the mattress will last longer.

Will a Twin Size Bed Fit in My Room?

The twin and twin XL beds are relatively small beds that should fit into most bedrooms. However, if you live in a very small studio apartment or have a small bedroom, sticking with a normal twin bed may help make the space feel roomier.

Why Do Colleges Have Twin XL Beds? 

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Because of the restricted space in a normal college dorm, smaller beds have long been employed in student residence halls. Twin beds were used for a long period before being replaced with twin XL beds.

The twin XL features a twin-size width, which is useful given the limited space in dorm rooms, but also a king-size length, which is likely tossed in for the convenience of those students who are very tall.

Twin XL beds are 5 inches longer than regular twin beds, measuring 80 inches long. This makes them acceptable for anyone over 6 feet tall, which is why they’re so common in college dorms.

Will Twin Sheets Fit a Twin XL Mattress?

Twin sheets will not fit on a twin XL mattress. Deep-pocket twin sheets (on Amazon) are sometimes sold as suitable for twin XL, but a fitted sheet must have dimensions that correspond to a twin XL mattress.

Sheets for twin and twin XL mattresses are available from a variety of manufacturers. To compensate for the mattress’s extra length, it’s a good idea to make sure the sheets are deep pocket.

Because the terms “bedding” and “mattress” are frequently interchanged, it’s crucial to note the exact dimensions while shopping for bedding to ensure it’ll fit. This is necessary with mattress pads and fitted bottom sheets, but your twin blankets and flat sheets should suffice.

When shopping for luxury bedding for your twin XL mattress, keep an eye out for terms like extra-long twin, TXL, twin extra-long, and extended twin. A twin flat sheet measures 66″ wide by 96″ long on average. Some manufacturers’ twin and twin XL flat sheets are the same sizes. 

If you have a twin XL bed, you can choose either option. Other companies offer longer sheet sizes for twin XL mattresses that are up to 102″ long.

Twin blankets, on average, are 66″ wide by 90″ long; twin comforters, on average, are 68″ wide by 88″ long; and twin XL comforters, on average, are 68″ wide by 90″ long, or even longer. High-quality twin and twin XL sheets are generously sized, measuring 75″ wide by 112″ long for ultimate comfort.