How To Use Wax to Keep Your Toilet Bowl Clean

Using wax on your toilet bowl is a shockingly useful life hack that can keep your toilet bowl stain-free for months at a time. Applying the wax is also an extremely simple process, as long as you follow the proper steps.

To apply a wax coating to your toilet bowl, clean it off thoroughly and then empty the toilet bowl of water and dry it off with a towel. Using a cloth, apply car wax to the toilet bowl. Keep a window open for ventilation, and wait at least 10 minutes before allowing water back into the bowl.

The wax you apply will make any stain-causing agents simply flow down the toilet drain when you flush. This will cut cleaning your toilet bowl out of your chore list for months, and reapplying the wax is just as simple as it was the first time. Sound too good to be true? Let’s take a closer look at the process so that you can give it a try yourself.

What Kind of Wax Works in a Toilet Bowl?

Man cleans up the bathroom by wiping the toilet bowl with a rag

If you’re ready to use wax to keep your toilet bowl stain-free, it is recommended that you use polymer-based car wax. This wax isn’t too expensive. We recommend 3M Synthetic Wax (on Amazon).

How Do You Apply Wax to Your Toilet Bowl?

Applying car wax to your toilet bowl is actually rather simple and can be accomplished in under 20 minutes. Let’s go through the steps one by one to help you keep your toilet bowl stain-free.

1. Clean the Toilet

This will likely be the most annoying part, but in order to apply wax properly, you can’t have any pre-existing stains on your toilet bowl. Just remind yourself that this is the last time you’ll have to do this for months.

2. Drain the Toilet Bowl

This part is simple: just shut off the water valve next to your toilet by turning it all the way to the right (clockwise). After this, flush the toilet until you have no water in your toilet bowl. Once you’ve done this, you can move onto the next step.

3. Dry Your Toilet Bowl

If your toilet bowl is still wet, the wax will simply glide off and won’t actually stick to the bowl, so you first need to dry it off. All you need to do is grab a towel or a cloth and give it a good rub down until the bowl is dry, and now your toilet is ready for the wax.

4. Apply Wax to Your Toilet Bowl

First, make sure that a window is open for ventilation. Then simply apply the wax to a clean cloth and rub the toilet bowl with the cloth. Your goal is to give the toilet bowl a nice even coat, so make sure you get all areas of the inside of the bowl.

5. Let the Wax Sit and then Replenish Water

For our final step, simply let the wax rest for about 10 minutes, keeping a window open for ventilation. After this, turn the water valve back to its original position and water should return to the bowl. Now your toilet bowl should have a nice layer of wax to keep it stain free!

How Long Can You Leave Wax in a Toilet Bowl?

Polymer-based car wax should keep your toilet bowl stain-free for about six months at a time. Not having to worry about toilet stains for a six-month period is an absolutely massive help in the chore department that you’ll appreciate for the rest of your life.

Once six months have passed, simply apply another coat of wax using the same method as before.

Tips for Keeping Your Wax-Lined Toilet Bowl Clean

In order to keep your wax-lined toilet bowl clean, it is recommended that you pour a half cup of white vinegar (on Amazon) into the bowl once every couple of months. Just pour it into the toilet, let it sit for a few minutes, and flush. This will keep your toilet from developing water rings.

It is also important to note that if you’ve hired a house cleaner, you should let them know that you have a wax-lined toilet bowl. Certain cleaning products can actually get rid of the wax layer, so if you want to keep the wax you need to let them know not to use those products.

Other Wax-Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Person wearing gloves wiping out a toilet

Car wax actually has a surprising amount of uses in your house other than just keeping your toilet bowl clean. Let’s go through a few of them to help you save time.

Keep Your Mirrors from Fogging

Applying a nice layer of car wax to your bathroom mirrors can actually keep your bathroom mirrors from fogging up while you shower. Simply apply a layer of wax to your bathroom mirrors,  let them dry, and buff them clean. That’s all you need to do to have nice, fog-free mirrors.

Make Your Countertops Shiny

If your nice marble or granite countertops have gotten dull with age, car wax may be able to help. Simply add a nice layer of wax to your countertops and those surfaces will go back to looking brand new.

Keep Your Faucets Stain-Free and Shiny

Just like your countertops, applying an even layer of car wax to your sink faucets can make them shiny and stain–free. Remember that you need to make sure they’re dry before you apply the wax.