Should You Carpet Your Garage?

Although carpeting the garage is not a new thing, many people still wonder if that’s the best option for them. While carpeting the garage could help keep the space warm in the winter and cool in the summer, it can be a pain to clean and maintain.

Whether or not you should carpet your garage depends. If you don’t have much room for storage, then carpeting may not be worth it. However, if you plan on using it for storage or extra living space, then it can be a great idea. Carpets cost around $1.50 per square foot and are easy to install.

Carpeting the garage comes with many benefits as well as drawbacks. This article will address some of the key concerns about carpeting a garage and answer questions you may have while providing insights on the pros and cons of carpeting your garage. That way, you can make an informed decision.

Should You Carpet Your Garage?

Garages are primarily used for parking cars but could be put to other uses. For instance, artists can transform the garage into a studio away from distractions, especially where when there’s no other room.

Singers and dancers might find a garage a cool spot to host a dance crew. Kids could also find the garage a wonderful and beautiful playroom. Even a handy person could convert it to a little workshop.

It must be noted that standard carpeting is not mostly suited for the garage. While it serves as an affordable flooring option, it comes with its challenges which include creating mildew and mold. It could also break down from automotive fluids and could be difficult to clean. 

Carpeting your garage is a personal decision that depends on what you want to use it for. Having decided on what you wish to do with your garage, you can move on to transforming it into any of the following: a workshop, a playroom, a hang-out spot, a living space, a personal gym, or a storeroom.

If you decide to use the garage as a workshop to work on extensive projects, you probably shouldn’t put carpet on it.

What Are The Benefits of Carpeting Your Garage?

Carpeting is one of the best flooring options for your garage, with many advantages comprising of the following:

  • Provides Insulation During Cold Months

One benefit of carpeting is that carpets can act as insulators in your garage. They will help keep your home warm and dry—especially during winter when the temperature is relatively low and cool during the summer.

Carpets will protect your feet from a cold cement floor and can be useful all year round because of their insulating properties. Carpet adds warmth and comfort underfoot, inviting you to spend more time there.

  • Garages Become More Versatile With Carpets

With a carpet in your garage, it is easy to transform it into anything you like because it allows you to have more options on how you wish to use the space, from being your children’s playroom to making it your man cave, home gym, or an art studio.

  • Can Easily Clean By Vacuuming

You can clean your garage carpet easily. It doesn’t matter how muddy your shoes or tires get from being in the rain; it only takes a vacuum to get it back to clean again.

  • Noise Reduction

Garage carpet absorbs more noise than a concrete floor. So, you can be ready to host your band rehearsal in the garage, and you do not have to worry about loud sounds going out.

  • Easy On Knees and Feet and Water-Proof

Carpets on the garage floor feel better on the knees and feet. Garage carpets are synthetic, which makes it possible for you to drive in and out of your garage, even on rainy days, without fear of ruining your carpets. This is because garage carpets do not hold moisture.

  • Good Anti-Slip Protection, Great Appeal, and Easy Installation 

Carpets provide good anti-slip protection against oil spills because of their rough surfaces. Carpets make your floor look good and improve the aesthetic quality of your space. Also, the installation process of carpets is easy. You can even do it yourself following the instructions.

Is It Expensive To Carpet Your Garage?

Carpets for garages typically run around $1.50-2.50 per square foot, which makes them relatively inexpensive. They’re quite easy to install, so labor doesn’t cost as much as it would in other parts of your house. Also, most competitive flooring retailers will offer you free installation when you purchase from them.

When shopping for your garage carpets, look out for carpets that are made for automotive or outdoor use, made of polypropylene or synthetic olefin fibre, or made with rubber marine backing.

Polypropylene in carpets makes them more resistant to mold, mildew, and flame. Carpets made with rubber marine backing are resistant to moisture from the air, weather, or your vehicle.

Then once you have decided on the right carpet to buy, then you can go ahead with that and choose how you want it installed.

What Are The Cons Of Carpets In Your Garage?

Man rolling out new carpet flooring

Just as carpeting the garage comes with benefits, it has drawbacks too. They include the following: 

  • Rapid Wearing and Tearing

Frequently moving your vehicle in and out of the garage will cause a carpet to wear out quickly, and it will need to be changed often. Also, if your garage takes on water, it will lead to rapid wear and tear on the carpets.

  • Oil Spills Are More Difficult To Clean

When oil spills or leaks from your vehicle, it becomes difficult to clean. Oils will not usually stain the carpet because of its synthetic makeup, but you will find the oil resurfacing over again. This is usually not the case with cement floors.

  • Difficulty in Rolling Items Across Floor and Not Supporting Large Projects 

Having a carpet makes it difficult to roll items like your toolbox or creepers on the carpet. If you like working on larger projects in the garage, like car repairs or maintenance, welding, other ironworks, or woodworking, consider other options than carpets. This is because it will become hard to remove wood and metal chips from the carpet, and they may damage the backing of the carpet.

  • Chemicals Can Damage Carpet Backing and Fire Hazard Danger

Exposing your carpet to chemicals can damage the backing of your carpet. In the same vein, your garage carpet can start a fire when soaked in fuel. Therefore, you must be safety conscious at all times.

So, based on your choice of projects or needs, you can decide if you actually need to carpet your garage.