Can Someone Break In Through Your Window AC Unit?

Nowadays, home safety and security are something that we can’t take for granted. You never know when someone might try to break in, and there’s no such thing as being too careful. With that in mind, you may be wondering whether a burglar could get in through your window AC unit.

Burglars can enter your home by removing the window’s AC unit and entering through the open window. Installing window cages, drilling brackets or braces, installing window alarms, and even planting vegetation under the AC unit can help protect your home.

Seeing how burglars can quickly enter the home using a window air conditioner, you should familiarize yourself with how to reduce the risk. Let’s look at everything you’ll need to secure your window AC. Following these guidelines will help you sleep easier at night.

Can Someone Break in Through the Window Air Conditioner?

Old air conditioner installed on house window

Anyone can enter your premises via the spot where your window AC unit is hooked up. Some homeowners seem to forget about home security after they’ve mounted the AC, but this is risky business. 

Some people leave their AC units right next to a stairway; others install them in places that are easy to climb. When burglars see that there’s easy access to your home, they will likely grab the opportunity to get inside. 

How Do You Secure a Window AC Unit From Burglars? 

Old Window Air Conditioning Outside Cover

Now that we know it’s possible for someone to get in through the window securing every opening is a must. Here are some ways to do that:

Assess Where to Install Your Window AC

This should be the topmost of your considerations when planning to install a Window AC. It’s best to place your window AC unit where it’ll be hard to reach from the outside. 

You can also consider planting shrubs or plants with thorns below the window AC. It’ll be extra hard for burglars to reach the opening. Also, avoid installing them in a place with stairs or anything similar for burglars to step on. 

Use an Air Conditioner Cage

If the first option isn’t possible due to the conditions of your property, you can consider a window AC cage (on Amazon). This will secure your window AC unit perfectly.

A window AC cage, also known as a window guard, will protect your unit from harsh weather conditions.

Always check the exact dimensions of your window AC to ensure the right fit. You can also ask a professional to make a custom AC cage.  

Install an Air Conditioner Support Bracket

If the window cafe seems like too much for you, you can consider an air conditioner support bracket (on Amazon). The bracket is installed outside, where the back end of the AC will be mounted.

A support bracket won’t just protect the window AC from burglars, but it’ll also help the window frame by shouldering some of the weight of the AC.

Be mindful that you have to measure your AC to find the right fit. Some are adjustable but having the right size is better to maximize the effectiveness.  

Once you’ve installed a support bracket, your window AC unit will have a nice bench to sit on for extra support. In addition, any potential burglars will have a hard time removing the AC unit because it’s drilled and secured into the wall. Any attempt to remove it will create noise and alarm the house owners of this suspicious incident. 

Get a Window Alarm

If you prefer to avoid house makeovers or installations, getting a window alarm (on Amazon) instead may be the perfect solution for you. The moment the burglars attempt to move the AC or open the window, the alarm will be activated and release a loud noise.

There are many window alarms available in the market. We suggest choosing the one with extreme adhesives to combat weather conditions.

Usually, a window alarm can go as loud as 110 decibels, which is certain to ward off any home invaders. An alarm is a great option for those out of their homes for long periods of time.

You can also choose an alarm that has an on/off option. You don’t need a window alarm at all times if you’re at home.

Add Plastic Vent Flaps

Plastic vent flaps are suitable for a window AC unit that doesn’t fit perfectly into the window. In such cases, the gap can be a great spot for the burglar to utilize for entry.

To stop this, adding a plastic vent flap can do the trick. Make sure to screw it on well to ensure that it will not fall off right away.