How to Steam a Comforter

Comforters can easily get creased after being stored for some time or constant use. Sometimes, new comforters will be wrinkled when they come out of the box. Since it’s not a good idea to iron your comforter, you may be wondering if steaming is a better option.

You can steam a comforter to remove creases and give it a clean, neat look. Steaming a comforter is the best way to get rid of wrinkles, and it works best right after washing the comforter. It’s the best alternative to ironing and won’t damage the comforter.

Keeping your bedding neat and clean isn’t too difficult. With a few professional tips and advice, you’ll be able to keep your bedding spotless. 

Can a Comforter Be Steamed? 

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You can steam a comforter to remove wrinkles and give it a smooth, clean look. Unlike ironing, steaming a comforter actually works quite well — if done correctly. There’s no risk of staining or burning your comforter with a steamer, and it removes creases more effectively than other methods. 

To steam a comforter, you’ll need a quality steamer. Low-quality steamers can leave stains on fabric, so make sure to test the steamer before using it on your comforter. While many quality steamers are available in the market, the TICWELL Professional Steamer (on Amazon) and the Floomp Steamer (on Amazon) work best. 

How to Steam a Comforter

Steaming a comforter is a simple process and shouldn’t take much time. All you need is a steamer and a place to hang the comforter. You can steam the comforter when it’s flat on the bed, but this isn’t as effective as doing it while it’s hanging. 

Follow these steps to steam a comforter properly: 

  • Make sure the comforter is completely dry. 
  • Hang the comforter on a railing or washing line. 
  • Use the nozzle of the steamer to flatten out creases. Start from the top and work your way down. 
  • Adjust the steam settings to remove the creases. If the creases don’t come out on low steam, increase the steam. 
  • Place the comforter on the bed without folding it. 

By following the correct procedure, you’ll be able to remove creases from a comforter without going through the tedious process of ironing it. 

Always start from a low steam setting and increase the steam as required. This will prevent water stains and give you optimal results. 

Tips and Tricks 

Removing creases from a comforter isn’t too complicated, but there are a few tips to keep in mind to get it right. Follow these tips to steam a comforter with ease: 

  • Wash before steaming: Washing the comforter before steaming will remove sizing chemicals, making it easier to smooth out the fabric. While you don’t necessarily have to wash a comforter for regular use, always wash a new comforter before steaming it. 
  • Hang the comforter on a railing: Hanging the comforter makes it much easier to steam since gravity plays a role in removing the creases. It’s also easier to remove wrinkles from large comforters this way. 
  • Let the comforter air dry: Tumble drying a comforter will only cause the creases to become more defined. Let the comforter air dry, and you’ll have much fewer creases to worry about. 
  • Steam the comforter when damp: It’s not always best to wait for a comforter to dry completely before you steam it. Let it dry partially and steam it while it’s damp. Once the creases are gone, please wait for the comforter to dry completely before placing it on the bed. 

Other Ways to Remove Wrinkles From a Comforter

Detail of down comforter

While steaming is the best way to remove creases and dirt from a comforter, there are other methods you can try out. Here are some of the best ways to get you’re comforted in great shape: 

Spray the Wrinkles 

Spraying the wrinkles is a fast and semi-effective method of getting creases out of a comforter. Use a bottle of distilled water and spray lightly over the wrinkles. Use your hand to straighten out the comforter. Avoid wetting the comforter too much as this could cause mold. 

While this method is effective at making the comforter look presentable, it won’t remove all wrinkles. 

Drip-Dry the Comforter

To drip dry your comforter, you’ll need to wash it by hand or use the soak setting on the washing machine. This will clean the comforter without drying the water. Spread the soaking wet comforter on a washing line to dry, and it shouldn’t form wrinkles. 

Use Steam to Dampen the Comforter 

Steam will help smooth out most of the creases on a comforter. If you don’t have a steamer, you can place the comforter in the bathroom when you’re showering. The steam will soften up the comforter and remove major wrinkles. 

Send It to Professional Cleaners

Professional dry cleaners have industrial-grade steamers that will make a wrinkled comforter look smooth and new. While it’s an effective option, only use it as a last resort or if you’re short on time.