10 of the Best Compliments You Could Ever Give Someone

The opinions of others are very significant for most individuals. That’s one reason we put on clothing that makes us feel attractive and desirable. Alternatively, you may work hard every day at your job knowing that your employer appreciates your efforts and dedication.

In reality, we require all sorts of assurances no matter how certain we are that we’re doing the correct thing. While receiving a compliment may make our day and make us feel beautiful and unique, giving compliments to others may also be gratifying.

Whether they’re a stressed-out waiter or a buddy in need of some affection, here are ten quick but effective compliments that can brighten anybody’s day.

1. You Have Amazing Eyes

Man giving a compliment to a passing woman

Eyes are considered to be the gateway to the soul, and having a gorgeous pair is quite an external feature. As a result, if you come upon someone who has eyes that light up the room with wonder, tell them so! They’re likely to look in the mirror at their leisure and smile.

2. You’re So Talented 

We all have aspirations and dreams in life, many of which are inspired by our interests. It’s what makes life intriguing to realize that with hard effort and dedication, good things may come about.

It could be that your significant other is a great writer who aspires to be published. If that’s the case, tell them that they write very well and that they must never give up. If your partner is a dancer, give them a compliment like “Your performance took my breath away” or “You’re destined for the top.”

The compliment might sound more genuine and heartfelt when delivered in a joyful and jovial tone. So definitely say it like you mean it!

3. You Work Harder Than Anyone I Know

This compliment should definitely be given with enthusiasm and pure sincerity. After all, it’s a worn-out praise phrase, but when utilized correctly, it may be one of the most uplifting things you’ll hear all day.

For example, if a cleaner provides more than their usual service and mops the floors with everything that they have, suggest they take a momentary rest, put your arm on their shoulder, and say, ‘You work harder than anyone I know.’ It may be used to describe any job or field of expertise.

4. You’re the Nicest Person I Know 

It might not seem like a compliment when someone tells you that you’re “nice.” It can be pity, especially in more personal situations. However, correctly worded, it may be one of the most genuine character compliments out there.

‘You’re the nicest person I’ve ever met’ or ‘You’re full of kindness, and that shows” are just two of many compliments about someone’s character that can make them feel a million bucks.

5. Where Did You Get Those Shoes?

Child wearing adult persons shoes

This also pertains to men and women. Why? Because shoes are usually the first article of clothing we notice, and if we like what we see, we should let them know that they made the right decision when it comes to purchasing x item because they look fantastic.

Or if you’re a guy, tell your friend their new sneakers are cool. It’s a simple compliment, but one which makes us feel secure in our appearance.

6. You Look Incredibly Striking

As human beings, we are constantly judged on our appearance. What better method to relieve someone’s concerns than by complimenting their appearance? Avoid using adjectives like pretty, beautiful, and handsome as a general rule of thumb.

They can be cliched, and sometimes be underwhelming. Instead, opt for other words that you wouldn’t say every day. Striking, dazzling, modelesque, and stunning are just some of the various alternatives.

7. You Would Make a Great Father or Mother

It’s a commonly used phrase among couples who are in a relationship. In faith and trust that they will be able to raise children in a secure environment, they might say this to one another. Even if you’re out with your buddies, telling them how great they’d be parents is worth it.

After all, being a father or mother is one of the most impactful things to happen in someone’s life, so having someone tell you that you’re up for the task is an affirmation that every nice person deserves.

8. You Have a Loving Heart

Whether they have a good heart or a love that beats for everyone rather than just themselves, such remarks will make the receiver feel wonderful about their relationship being recognized and appreciated by others.

9. You Make Me Want to be a Better Person

Telling someone you appreciate their work might help them know that what they’ve been doing was worthwhile and has inspired others to improve themselves as well.

It’s a compliment that affirms someone’s goodness, and one that can radically change someone’s opinion of themselves forever.

10. Others Could Learn From You

We all want to be valued and respected, so if you notice someone has exceeded the standard in what they do, tell them! It indicates that you appreciate their commitment and ability, and that you value their work.

They’ll feel ten times better for hearing a compliment of that magnitude, and it will hopefully motivate them to spur on others!