Can You Use an Electric Blanket With a Generator?

Electric blankets are heated blankets. At first sight, they look like standard blankets, but they contain wires inside that heat up. They also have a control dial and a cord which you plug into the wall. But how do you heat them? Can you run an electric blanket off a generator?

Even though it is very small, a portable generator carries enough energy to heat an electric blanket. You can get your portable electric blanket running through the night using a silent deep cycle generator.

Though there are many options to help stay warm, such as sleeping bags, regular blankets, and thermals made of synthetic materials, some people prefer the warmth that can only come from an electric blanket. So now, let’s look at some options for heating your electric blanket when you’re out camping.

Four, different size and color fleece blanket rolled on electric blanket at white

Can You Run an Electric Blanket off a Portable Generator?

A portable generator can give you access to 42,000 mAh of power at once. So despite its small size, it has a high amount of energy to power a portable electric blanket.

This device lets you use USB-powered or 12 volts electric blankets irrespective of your camping location. So you can heat your portable electric blanket at night using a silent deep cycle generator and use your car’s battery or solar power to recharge the battery the following day.

But if you have more than one appliance that you want to power, like a camping fridge, it is better to use a power source with a larger capacity.

Can You Use An Electric Blanket with an MSW Inverter?

Using an electric blanket and an MSW inverter together is not recommended because the inverter does not give off a true sine wave.

In addition, MSW power is not compatible with many electric blankets and certain small appliances as they get damaged by it.

How Many Watts Does It Take to Run an Electric Blanket?

A typical blanket consumes between 200 and 400 Watts. Depending on what part of the country you reside in, you would spend between 20 and 50 cents running it per night if you leave it on when you’re asleep, which is not advisable for safety reasons.

To Close

Many people are reluctant to experience camping life because it sometimes gets freezing. And them being able to use their electric blankets without worrying about the power supply is a ‘lifesaver.’

So if you want to go camping while enjoying the comfort of an electric blanket and know that it won’t shut off in the middle of the night, a portable silent deep cycle generator is the way to go.