How to Safely Store an Electric Blanket & Avoid a Fire Hazard

Electric blankets aren’t as bulky as other blankets, which makes it tempting to toss them into the closet with additional bedding when not in use. However, storing an electric blanket incorrectly can result in a fire hazard. So, how do you keep it properly?

Roll it carefully without damaging the wires and keep it away from flames and liquids to store an electric blanket. Always check the blanket before using it after it’s been in storage for an extended period. Avoid using secondhand or damaged electric blankets as these are fire hazards. 

Modern electric blankets have fire protection systems and heat sensors that automatically detect overheating. However, it would help if you still took precautions when using, storing, or washing an electric blanket. 

How Do Electric Blankets Work?

Electric Blanket On Bed

Electric blankets (on Amazon) work with insulated, heated wires fitted into the blanket fabric. There are different electric blankets, including under blankets and over blankets. Underblankets are placed underneath the covers and help warm up the bed, while over blankets are used just like any other blanket. 

Electric heaters also contain sensors, temperature adjustment controls, and other settings designed for maximum safety. Some electric blankets have carbon fiber wiring for optimal heating efficiency. 

Can You Fold an Electric Blanket?

It would help if you didn’t fold an electric blanket because it can damage the wiring. Folding bends the wires, which, in turn, can cause them to wear down or break. Exposed wires can result in short-circuiting, shocks, or even fires. 

Even if you’re washing your electric heater, you shouldn’t fold it when placing it in the machine. If it’s machine-washable, roll it gently before placing it in the machine. Otherwise, wash it by hand, taking special care not to fold the wires. 

Modern electric blankets have carbon fiber wires that won’t break when folded slightly. However, most electric blankets can’t be folded without causing damage. 

How Do You Store a Heated Blanket?

You shouldn’t store an electric blanket the same way you would other blankets. Always wait for the heated blanket to cool down before storing it. Heated blankets trap heat well, so you’ll have to wait an hour or two before the blanket cools off. 

When the blanket has cooled down, roll it slowly in a towel or plastic bag for protection. Place the blanket away from flames, heat, and water. Also, avoid placing heavy objects on the blanket as it may damage the wires. 

To store under blankets, remove the blanket from the bed and place it in a lofted area. Always check the blanket for heat or electrical damage after storing it for long periods. 

Are Electric Blankets a Fire Hazard?

There’s no need to worry about the fire risks of modern electric blankets, as long as you take certain precautions. However, old and damaged electric blankets may be a fire hazard since the exposed wires can cause short-circuiting and overheating. If not used properly, electric blankets can cause burns, fires, or worse.

Follow these precautions to minimize the risks from electric blankets: 

  • Store the blanket without folding it and keep it away from water. 
  • Avoid secondhand blankets since these are more prone to short-circuits. 
  • Don’t use a blanket with broken, misplaced, or damaged wires. 
  • If your blanket has burn marks, it could indicate that there’s something wrong. Avoid using the blanket until you have it checked. 
  • Never use an electric blanket for anything other than its intended purpose. This includes using an under a blanket as an over blanket. 

By following these tips, using the blanket correctly, and storing it properly, you won’t worry about potential fire hazards.