Using an Electric Blanket on a Memory Foam Mattress: Good or Bad Idea?

There’s nothing like snuggling into a warm, cozy electric blanket in the middle of winter. And if you have a memory foam mattress, your sleeping experience will be complete. However, using them together may not be the best idea. 

Using an electric blanket on a memory foam mattress is not recommended because the foam is sensitive to heat. However, if you set the temperature correctly and use an overblanket or a heated overthrow, you can safely use an electric blanket with a memory foam mattress.

You’ll have to avoid using heated undercovers or other electric blankets that are meant to go between you and your mattress. Let’s take a closer look at why the heat from electric blankets poses some risk to memory foam and how to use a heated blanket safely.

How Do Electric Blankets Work? 

Wooden bed with white mattress with plastic

Electric blankets (on Amazon) have insulated wiring throughout the fabric. When an electric current passes through the wires, the blanket heats up. Electric blankets can heat up to over 120 degrees Fahrenheit, although the optimal temperature is between 75 and 95 degrees. When used with the right settings, electric blankets are safe and comfortable.

Modern electric blankets have heat sensors that can detect when the blanket overheats and turn it off before it becomes a danger. They also use carbon fiber wires for better temperature control. 

Can You Use an Electric Blanket on a Memory Foam Mattress?

Memory foam is heat sensitive and its shape transforms when in contact with body weight and heat. Memory foam is excellent for your spine and posture and can help people with tough back problems. However, it’s heat sensitive and susceptible to damage by electric blankets. 

You can use an electric blanket on an electric foam mattress, although it’s not recommended. There aren’t any safety risks associated with using an electric mattress with memory foam. However, the blanket’s heat can cause the memory foam to lose shape, reducing its efficiency. 

Different factors affect whether you can use an electric blanket with memory foam or not. These include the size of your mattress, the quality of the foam, the mattress’s heat setting, and the type of electric blanket you’re using. 

Good quality memory foam can handle high temperatures, but it still may affect the foam’s properties. Using the blanket at high temperatures is also detrimental to the memory foam. So, unless it’s necessary, avoid using electric blankets with memory foam. 

Can Heat Ruin a Memory Foam Mattress?

If you’re thinking of using a hot electric blanket on memory foam, your first concern might be whether the blanket’s heat will ruin the mattress. 

Heat won’t necessarily ruin your memory foam right away, but it can damage the foam over time. Memory foam is designed to shape according to your body. It does so by detecting body heat and changing its shape accordingly. 

This feature of memory foam is great for: 

  • Spine alignment 
  • Reducing back pain 
  • Relieving physical and mental pressure 

When the memory foam heats up, the usual memory foam function gets disrupted, and the foam sinks in more than usual. This could cause backaches and discomfort while sleeping. Considering the price and health benefits of memory foam, it’s better to choose an alternative way to stay warm during the winter. 

How to Safely Use Heated Blankets on Memory Foam Mattress

Not all types of electric blankets are bad for memory foam. Quality memory foam will only get damaged when exposed to direct heat, which is why electric overblankets can be used safely with memory foam.

As long as you take care not to use an electric blanket between your body and the memory foam, you shouldn’t worry about damaging the memory foam. 

Follow these tips to help you protect your memory foam when using an electric blanket: 

  • Use the Right Type of Electric Blanket

Electric underblankets will disrupt the memory foam, so it’s best to avoid using memory foam as an overblanket. Use either an electric overblanket or a heated overthrow, and avoid using a fitted electric blanket or electric mattress cover. 

  • Don’t Set the Temperature Too High 

While most electric blankets can heat up to over 120 degrees Fahrenheit, you shouldn’t use them on full heat. Heated blankets work best at 75-95 degrees. This temperature is safer, better for your health, and won’t damage your foam. 

  • Limit the Heat to 30 Minutes 

You don’t need to sleep with the electric blanket the whole night to take advantage of its warmth. Some electric blankets come with a timer that you can set, while others have a sensor that automatically shuts off when the blanket reaches a certain temperature. 

Lastly, always try using other methods of staying warm during winter. Keep your house insulated, use thicker blankets and use a room heater, so you don’t have to damage your memory foam with an electric blanket.