Do I Need Windows On My Garage Door?

The general appearance and the aesthetic value of your building are things that you can improve on and make better. One of the ways you can enhance the aesthetic value of your building is by installing windows in your garage. Installing windows in a garage door is more than just replacing them with a better one – there are many things to consider, including the material, color, and mechanism.

You don’t need windows in your garage door, but installing them helps you provide your garage with the right amount of natural light. Aside from that, it also improves your building’s aesthetics and can increase the value of your home. It can also cut down on electric bills by keeping lights off.

However, before you decide if you should have a window in your garage door or not, it is also suggested that you go through the pros and cons of doing so before you proceed. We’ve made that easier by explaining everything in this article, so read on to know what’s better for your garage door.

Installing Windows In a Garage Door: Is It Worth It?

White single garage door with small windows

There are many things to consider whenever you are thinking of upgrading or improving the look of your garage door. You have to consider the material used in producing the garage door, the color, and the door’s mechanism.

Another thing you can also consider doing to improve the look of your garage door is to install windows on it. Having windows on your garage door provides the area with the natural lighting you wouldn’t otherwise get.

Installing windows on your garage door has its pros and cons, and this will depend on the look you want your garage door to have, the area you stay in, and the functionality you want for the garage door.

Therefore, you must weigh the pros and cons of installing a window in your garage door and decide if it is worth it. Below are the pros and cons of fixing a garage window.

Pros Of Installing Windows In a Garage Door

There are several advantages of installing windows in a garage door, and some of them are:

It allows natural lighting into the garage

Installing windows in a garage door allows natural light into the garage while the doors are closed. Having natural light pour into a room has its advantages – one of such is that you will not have to make your way through the darkroom to get to a light switch.

Another advantage is that you will save some money on energy bills as you do not have to put on the flickering bulb of the garage during the daytime.

It is customizable

One exciting thing about installing windows in a garage door is that it is customizable and gives room for creativity. It allows you to choose any design of window you like. What is even more interesting is that there are lots of options to choose from.

You can also choose to customize your garage door windows to match that of your household windows. What’s more, you can also select the type of glass you want to use. Usually, manufacturers offer all kinds of glass, including laminate, tempered, mirrored, frosted, tinted, and more.

It helps to improve the curb appeal of the house

There is no doubt that garage doors that have windows installed in them are simply good-looking. Regardless of their panel design and color, they look better than their solid counterparts.

What installing windows does to the garage door is simple – it breaks the simple pattern of the panel, thereby adding aesthetic appeal to the door.

Cons Of Installing Windows In a Garage Door

As great as the idea of installing windows in a garage door sounds, there’s no denying that it also comes with its disadvantages. Thankfully, you can always avoid these cons, but first, you need to know what they are.

Security and Privacy

Often, security experts recommend that homeowners shouldn’t order garage doors that have windows in them. The reason is simple – garage door windows allow thieves and people with bad intentions to see what is inside the garage.

A clever thief can even take it a step further by breaking a window and overriding the automatic opener or garage door lock. It becomes even worse if you live in an area famous for break-ins or don’t stay at home quite often. If you fall into any of these categories, garage doors with windows might not be the best option.

How Can You Add Privacy To Your Garage Door With Windows?

Two car garage interior

Suppose you like the idea of having a garage door with windows, but you would like to cut back on the problems associated with it. Then you can follow the following suggestions.

Go for tinted or obscured glass

Tinted glass helps to keep harsh daylight and controls the temperature in the garage. It also makes it harder for people to see what’s inside the garage.

This, in turn, makes it difficult for potential thieves to scope what’s inside your home. If you don’t like the look of tinted glass, you can opt for obscured glass.

Obscured glass also provides privacy as it prevents anyone from seeing what’s in the garage. And at the same time, it allows natural light to enter the garage.

Does Installing Windows In Your Garage Door Effect Opening and Closing?

Yes, installing windows in your garage door will affect the lifting system of the door. However, the effect of installing windows in your garage door depends on the type of garage door – either torsion or extension – and how long you have been using the garage.

Therefore, it is advised that you add more to the budget of your project. That way, you can spend the extra money to adapt everything in addition to the total weight of the door.

Garage doors that already have their windows inserted will most likely not have this issue. But, you will also have to change the garage opener itself. Door openers can lift a weight of 230 pounds – that’s 115 kilograms. Old springs can make the whole thing unbalanced, so ensure that everything is balanced and therefore well-functioning.