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20 Dangerous Games You Played As A Child

Published 2 years ago on April 6, 2018
By Hugo

Let's be honest: we all did some pretty stupid things growing up. And whether it was throwing a house party that descended into anarchy, or spending all your money on Pokemon cards, there are moments when every adult will look back and ask themselves: What was I thinking?

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Just take these childhood games. Risky as they are stupid, there's no doubting that most of you played at least one of these games before you developed an interest in the opposite sex.

Here are 20 of the most dangerous games you probably played as a child. 

1. Slaps

A classic schoolyard game that probably won't be going out of fashion anytime soon, the game itself is pretty simple. Each player takes it in turns to be the 'attacker', with the other person forced to rest their palms on the others hovering hands. It is then up to the attacker to slap the opposing palm as hard as possible before they tuck them away. To make things easier, players often only aim for one of the hands.

2. The Can

Remember this one? If not, you probably went to a much nicer school than most who partook in this game.

The rules were simple: All you did was punch an empty soda can until it got so crinkled and sharp your knuckles would bleed. The last one standing would typically be declared the winner. 

3. Crash

If you grew up in the middle of nowhere, then you probably realised that riding down a hill in a shopping cart would be as fun as it got.

4. Tray Surfing 

Unless you were blessed with a sun-kissed upbringing with the waves at your beckon call, most kids got their surfing kicks from placing their feet on a restaurant tray and then attaching a rope to the back of a friend's car.

As the car picked up speed, you'd soon find yourself experiencing a ride that even the biggest theme parks in the world couldn't match for excitement.

5. Roof Tag

For those with a penchant for death wishes, then standard tag just wouldn't do. It had to take place on your parent's roof instead.

6. Bull Rush

If you regularly played Bull Rush, there's a good chance you were expelled at least once; what with the game requiring you to tackle as many unsuspecting victims as possible.

6. Ant Pile

Not for the squeamish, this game made you to put your hand in an ant pile for as long as possible. The person whose hand stayed in the longest would win.

7. Cinnamon Challenge 

This challenge hit headlines across the world after thousands recorded themselves inhaling a teaspoon full of cinnamon. Many, who were often children, would experience a dry mouth and in many cases subsequent coughing and vomiting.

8. Garage Slide

People would stand a certain distance away and then slide into the garage before the door closed. Each round, the door would be lowered further until someone didn't make it. 

9. Kerplunk 

If you were bored and had no friends, then Kerplunk was the game for you. All you had to was collect a stick, throw it into a tree and attempt to avoid it on its way back down. 

10. Crippler 

When the summer months arrived this game was probably all you played. With few rules, the 'Crippler' would circle the swimming pool and attempt to target a victim by jumping on them in the hopes of inflicting the most damage possible. If successful, the victim would then become the Crippler.'

11. The Can pit of Fire 

When everyone finished their drinks, bottles would be thrown onto a campfire until one can of a less agreeable nature caused the whole fire to explode. 

12. Car Tag

Hiding behind parked cars, players would attempt to tag the back of moving cars. The more cars you tagged, the more likely you were to win.

13. Red Rover 

For those who dreamed of NFL stardom, then playing Red Rover was combining training with idiocy. The game required at least three people but was better when played in bigger groups. The front row usually locked hands as one person attempted to run past, all while contending with a host of kicks and punches.

14. Mercy

As the name suggests, this game would only stop once someone shouted, "MERCY!". The premise was pretty straightforward. All you did was clasp the hands of your opponent then squeeze them as hard as you could.

15. Suicide Game

All that was needed to partake in this silly game was a lot of nerve. Mostly, people would jump off the highest place they could find, which was often a parent's roof. 

16. Bloody Knuckles

For those who took this game seriously, then their knuckles were most likely perpetually bloodied and bruised. The rules, like in the game Slaps, were simple. Two people took turns to hurt each other's knuckles by punching them with theirs. Those who flinched would immediately lose.

17. Shuffle

Usually played in more rural locations, those brave enough to risk being frozen to death would walk onto iced lakes and attempt to kick another's legs until they fell over. 

18. Brain Damage 

Another game involving submission, Brain damage usually included zealous children hitting each other's heads with textbooks until someone pleaded for them to stop.

19. King of the Hill

This game is a classic. More often than not, one person would occupy a particular area (usually a hilltop) and assert their dominance from onrushing challengers. Anyone who successfully pinned down the king would then be king themselves.

20. Bloody Knuckles with a Coin

Like the game Bloody Knuckles but with a coin, this game, as you probably are all too aware, won't exactly win first place for originality. 

Still, it's a timeless playground classic. The rules just required someone with a penny to spin it on a table with each participant attempting to keep it that way by flicking it with their fingertips. Once someone messed up, they were forced to place their knuckles on the table as another player flicked the coin from where it had landed.

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