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13 Celebrity Diets That Have Been Proven To Work Wonders

Published 2 years ago on April 10, 2018
By Hugo

Much like us, celebrities like fatty foods. However, unlike you and me, they tend to be photographed wherever they go, and understandably, some feel compelled to stick to gruelling diets to keep themselves looking good in an industry obsessed with beauty.

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With that said, there's no reason you can't do the same! So to help you get in shape and achieve the summer body of your dreams, we've listed thirteen celebrity diets that have been proven to work wonders

1. Taylor Swift- Chia seeds

It's hard to imagine Taylor Swift looking anything other than super-skinny, but before her worldwide success, she was quite pudgy and has since credited chia seeds for her weight loss.

The grey-looking kernels are native to southern Mexico and Guatemala and are packed with protein and fibre and if you were to eat them and little else you probably would lose weight, though it's doubtful they contain any natural slimming qualities. 

2. Katy Perry- Mushroom Diet

Arch nemesis of Taylor Swift and fellow pop superstar Katy Perry also credits an unusual food for her weight loss: mushrooms. Yes, the M Diet apparently helped her get lean in areas most prone to weight fluctuations, such as the hips, thighs, and waist. 

Apparently, the Firework hitmaker swapped one meal each day for a plate of raw mushrooms for two weeks and lost a considerable amount of weight in the process though leading doctors have questioned mushrooms supposed slimming effects and instead insisted that any meal swapped every day for 14 days for any plate of vegetables would likely have the same effect.

3. Beyonce- Master Cleanse

To speed up her metabolism, Queen Bey is reported to have got in tip-top shape for her acting role in Dreamgirls by living on nothing but lemonade, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper!

According to many sources, results can be seen in less than ten days, though whether anyone would want to stop eating for ten days (even on a diet) is unlikely! Still, if you want to look like Beyonce.... 

4. Sam Smith- Cut out ice cream and pastries

After pictures of Smith's out-of-shape body when holidaying at a beach in Australia had surfaced online, the star was deeply saddened and vowed to start shedding the pounds, and with the aid of the nutritionist Amelia Freer, he did!

Being advised to lay off the ice cream and pastries, the Grammy Award winner consumed a variety of veggies, fruits, lean meats and seafood instead and the results paid dividends.

5. Snooki- Cookie Diet

Everyone's favorite loudmouthed reality star has exhibited drastic weight loss in recent years and hasn't been afraid to flaunt her toned figure. But how did she do it? 

Believe it or not, the Jersey Shore star ate nine cookies a day along with one meal, with the diet the brainchild of Dr. Sanford Siegel, who has even trademarked the diet. The cookies themselves contain 60 calories but are specially formulated to keep hunger away, leading many to dub Dr. Sanford, the "Cookie Doctor."

6. Reese Witherspoon- Baby Food Diet

This diet is surely as gross as it sounds but if it achieves results then maybe it's worth it? It worked for Reese Witherspoon, after all, who admitted to consuming around 14 jars of the stuff along with a meal each day.

Furthermore, the ingredients in baby food are not calorie heavy, with a regular jar containing as little as 80 calories, so it's not surprising stars like Witherspoon are fans of the diet but surely eating just one big meal a day is a better idea, Reese?

7. Miranda Kerr- Covers coconut oil on all her food

It's no secret that Victoria's Secret models train like mad before a big show, but that doesn't mean they aren't wary of what they consume. In fact, one the company's most famous Angels, the Australian Miranda Kerr, includes coconut oil in all her meals.

Identical to olive oil regarding its calorie and fat content, many doctors still believe the higher levels of saturated fat found in coconut oil coupled with its low levels of healthy fat make it more dangerous to consume so be careful, Miranda! 

8. Kate Middleton- The Dukan Diet

The Duchess of Cambridge would have more eyes on her wedding dress than probably anyone else on Earth which is why she kept to a rigorous dieting plan known as The Dukan Diet consisting of straight protein and vegetables.

In other words, the beautiful princess was probably eating chicken and broccoli every day though the diet does allow you treats further down the line but judging by Kate's fairytale appearance at the royal wedding, we're sure she went the whole hog.

9. Madonna- Macrobiotic diet

The legendary songstress famously has a thing for Kabbalah water, a fancy packaged product which supposedly promotes special healing powers which prompted the singer to pay $10,000 to have it installed in her central heating system. But Madonna's love for experimenting with different kinds of water also extends to food.

Madonna once stuck to the macrobiotic diet which involves the consumption of sea vegetables instead of dairy, meats, eggs and wheat. Rather you than us, Madonna! 

10. Kirsten Dunst- The Alkaline Diet

Kirsten Dunst has fallen under the radar in recent years, but she still looks every inch the movie star thanks to adhering to the 'Alkaline Diet.' 

The diet, whose celebrity endorsers also include the actresses Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow, recommends replacing acid-forming foods such as meat, fish, dairy, eggs, grains, alcohol with alkaline-inducing ones instead, like fruits, nuts, beans and vegetables.

11. Megan Fox- Apple cider vinegar

Woman want to be her and men want to date her all while knowing that neither will ever come to fruition but if you want to attract someone similar then you may want to take note of her diet.

Not that it's as complex as the others on the list. In fact, Fox revealed to The Telegraph newspaper that she merely adds apple cider vinegar to all her foods because it "cleanses out your system entirely.”

12. Christina Aguilera- Different colors of fruit every day for a week

The pop star's weight has long been the source of fascination among the press ever since she piled on the pounds once her career took a nosedive but that hasn't stopped the hitmaker bouncing back and looking better than ever, something achieved via a variety of colored fruits.

Known as the Color Diet, the diet requires you to eat one different colored fruit a day. According to many websites, day one starts with white, followed by red, green, orange, purple, yellow, and, on the seventh and final day, all of the colors are meant to be consumed.

13. Tim McGraw- The Paleo Diet 

The country singer's drug and alcohol problems have been well-documented over the years and were likely a factor in his weight gain though McGraw is proudly clean now and abides by a healthy lifestyle with the famed country singer sticking to the Paleo Diet. 

Favoring foods free from dairy, refined sugar and advocating the consumption of lean meats and fruits and vegetables instead, the diet, which has clearly done McGraw wonders, supposedly promotes visibly clearer skin, whiter teeth, increased energy levels and even improvements in one's sleeping patterns. 

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