Can You Put An Electric Blanket Under A Comforter Or Duvet?

Electric blankets are among the hottest trends in the bedroom accessories category. The innovative blanket keeps you warm at a lower cost, helps you sleep better, and boosts your mood. But like with any new technology, you might have some questions about your electric blanket. One common question is whether the electric blanket works safely under a comforter or duvet.

It’s possible to use some electric blankets under a comforter or duvet, particularly those with overheat protection technology. Every manufacturer provides instructions in the manual regarding whether their products work safely with other beddings.

The manufacturer’s manual is a treasure trove of information, including whether you can use a heated blanket with other linens. Each heated blanket on the market has unique construction and materials, and the manufacturers base their instruction on these factors. Let’s find out more about electric blankets and the best way to use this unique product. 

What Is an Electric Blanket? 

Electric blanket

Sometimes even the warmest bed linens seem insufficient during freezing winter weather. To beat the cold, most people pile up multiple blankets and crack up the heat, which is costly and uncomfortable.

An electric blanket solves the problem by leveraging advanced technology. This advanced bed linen features a system of interconnected coil wires covered by a sturdy, heat-resistant coating. 

Most manufacturers use polyester and acrylic material to cover the integrated wiring system. When you plug the blanket into an electrical outlet, the wires heat up and provide warmth through pockets in the blanket’s design. The blankets have a low, medium, and high setting to help you customize your sleeping environment. 

You have a control device attached to the blanket for easy control of the blanket. The latest electric blanket designs come with add-ons such as an auto shut-off safety feature and a temperature gauge to deliver a tailored sleep experience. 

Can You Put a Heated Blanket Under a Comforter?

When you buy an electric blanket, one question that comes to mind is whether you need a duvet or comforter on top. After all, bedding is an integral part of your bed, and the design and color reflect your personality. The heated blanket may not suit your taste.

While a heated blanket is warm enough to keep you comfortable, you might still want additional beddings on top to complete your personalized bed setup. 

You can put most top-quality heated blankets under a comforter or duvet. The greatest concern about the use of heated blankets with other beddings is the risk of overheating. Luckily, the best-heated blankets now come with an auto-shut-off feature, such as the WOOMER Electric Heated Throw Blanket (on Amazon).

If your blanket overheats under other beddings, the system shuts off to protect you and the blanket. Blankets with the overheat protection feature are safe to use with other beddings, and your bed won’t lose that personal touch you’ve worked so hard to create. 

Before you use any beddings with your heated blanket, check the manufacturer’s instructions. Every company creates these safety guidelines based on the design and materials of their products.

If you would like to use your colorful duvet or cozy comforter with the electric blanket, buy a product that comes with overheating protection technology. 

What Else Should You Avoid While Using an Electric Blanket?

Bed with electric heating pad indoors at night

An electric blanket is an amazing addition to your bedroom. However, you can only get the best out of the innovative linen if you learn the correct use. While the heated blanket is an easy plug-in-and-use accessory, some mistakes in its use can increase the risk of accidents. Here are some things to avoid with your electric blanket:

  • Never use a heated blanket with a waterbed; any contact with water is a potential safety hazard when you use a heated blanket. Surface leaks from a waterbed increases the risk of electric shock or other damage to the electric blanket. 
  • Avoid bundling the blanket. When the heated blanket isn’t in use, don’t bundle it up for storage to avoid damage to the integrated wiring system.
  • Avoid using the blanket with children or the elderly. Only people who can control the heated blanket settings themselves should use the item, to ensure safety. 
  • Avoid washing the blanket. When you wash the rest of your bed linen, don’t include your heated blanket to avoid damage to the wiring.
  • Avoid bunching up the blanket with it’s in use. When you use the heated blanket, don’t bunch it up as this concentrates the wires in one spot and increases the risk of overheating. 
  • Avoid using a malfunctioning electric blanket. If you experience problems setting the controls on your heated blanket, don’t use it. If the product is under warranty, call the manufacturer for guidance on the issue. 
  • Avoid improper use/placement of the power cord. Don’t twist or bend the power cord. To limit damage to the power cord, avoid using your heated blanket with adjustable bed systems. 
  • Don’t place the power cord between the mattress and the box spring. The power cord might suffer damage or overheat, which increases the risk of a fire. 


An electric blanket is a fantastic addition to your bed to keep you warm in the chilliest weather. The blanket heats your body directly and not the rest of the room, which cuts the cost of heating. You’ll enjoy warmer nights without breaking the bank.

The best part is that you can find a heated blanket that works safely under your favorite comforter or duvet. Check out the best electric blankets on the market and grab one yourself.