About LifeHackLane

Hi I’m Jeanette, aka Jenny, and I’m a proud homemaker who enjoys keeping house but also optimizing my house. I like to try to fix things myself first before calling a handyman or woman!

I also like doing my research when it comes time to replace an appliance or fix up something that seems important to get right (looking at you leaky roof!). 

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Why I Started LifeHackLane!

LifeHackLane is my place to stash some of the things I learn as I maintain my home and try to get some of these big decisions right. There are lots of sources of information out there, but I wanted to make a tool that’s close to what I personally need: something that has a little more detail than one of the big-box-store explainer sites. And it’s immensely satisfying to log this information as I go along and see the skills I’ve learned and ideas I’ve covered stack up. 

Hopefully, others out there who have the same questions I have, or some of them, hopefully those people stumble on my site and I can help someone else out. At the very least this is a great source of inspiration and direction for anyone else trying to go from having a house today, to having a well-maintained and personalized home tomorrow.