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Man Finds Century-Old Ship, But When They Look Inside

Published 4 years ago on February 23, 2016
By LifehackLane

It's not every day you find a century-old ghost ship rusting along the river but these kayakers discovered just that whilst out and about on the Ohio River. But it wasn't just some old rusting tub floating at the back of someone's property, this one had a stunning story to tell, a story that will leave you speechless!



Hearing that an abandoned ship may be there, a group of kayakers headed out, making sure to keep their eyes peeled for anything out of the ordinary.

About 25 miles out of Cincinnati, the ship was lurking in the waters waiting to be rediscovered and rusting up in the meantime.

Covered in weeds and plant life, it had become tangled in the trees that were overhanging it.

As such, reaching the ship became a bit of a problem and so the kayaks were dragged on land and the adventurers hiked across a field and hopped a fence to get onto the boat.
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