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How To Keep Snakes Out of Your House And Yard

Published 6 months ago on April 21, 2020
By Lifehack Lane

Some people adore reptiles and build their homes and lives around managing large terrariums and tanks full of slithery scaled animals who they keep as pets and nurture indoors, out of their usual natural habitat. For most of us however, these slithery beasts are a source of nuisance, if not fear.

Whenever one does appear in your garden, yard or home, there’s often a mystery to uncover as to how they got there – unless you’ve left a door open or accidentally attracted them somehow, it’s usually a surprise! But how best to keep snakes at bay from not just your home but your yard too?

There’s a few ways to do it... 

Chemical Deterrents

There are lots of ‘snake deterrent’ products on the mainstream market that are chemical interventions. Not dissimilar to cleaning products, these chemicals are designed to be sprinkled or sprayed around a property; either indoors or outdoors onto grass or paving; regularly and contain scents or chemicals that snakes dislike, so tend to stay away from.

These have varying degrees of success depending on circumstance but are often not safe for use around children or pets and may contain chemicals that you don’t want to spend too much time around. We would never recommend chemical deterrents but appreciate that there are many available.

A Tidy Outdoor Space

Snakes gravitate toward shelter and so will seek out piles of rubbish, leaves or debris. Keeping your outdoor space as tidy as possible means that there’s nothing for them to slither and sleep under.

Tidying away construction materials, garden waste and/or outdoor games and toys each night can help avoid any unwelcome visitors next time you head outside! If you’re not able to do this, thoroughly check all piles before children are allowed around them again.

Pouring White Vinegar Around

Snakes also love to swim and will seek out ponds or outdoor swimming pools to cool off and drink from. Whilst not a long-term solution, pouring some white vinegar around the edge of water areas acts as a deterrent for about 24hrs.

It doesn’t always smell the best in the sun though, so you may wish to pop some scented citronella candles on too.

Collect Some Of Your Hair

As much as humans tend to be wary of snakes, they’re wary of us too! Letting them know that you live there before they enter the extended space around your home means that they’re likely to stay away. This isn’t unlike the way some animals ‘scent’ an area, but don’t worry – there’s no peeing involved.

Instead just pull some of the broken/pulled hairs out of your hairbrush and scatter these around the perimeter of your yard. Snakes may well still approach but once they sniff the human pheromones, they’ll leave; unless you really smell like something delicious (to them), of course. Consider what snakes eat though… you should be fine!

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