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Amazing Tricks With WD-40 You Can Try At Home

Published 6 months ago on April 10, 2020
By Lifehack Lane

For decades, WD-40 has been a miracle solution, helping people to remove stubborn mechanical parts or nuts and bolts but in truth, it is much more adaptable than you might realise. This magical solution has more uses than you might realise and we aim to help you get as much use from the handy can of lubricant that you have hanging around in your shed, garage or under the kitchen sink.

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Cracked Phone Screen

While this will not miraculously repair your cracked screen, it will improve the way that it looks. This will give your phone a better appearance, giving you a bit more time until you have to purchase a new one.

Remove Tea and Coffee Stains

Tea and coffee stains can quickly ingrain themselves into your kitchen counter but WD-40 can help to remove them. A quick squirt onto a sponge before wiping over the stain will bring your kitchen counter back to its best again.

Remove Dirt From Your Shoes

If you have stepped in something such as dog mess or chewing gum then it can prove a challenge to remove this using soap and water. However, if you spray WD-40 onto them, the water displacement feature of WD-40 will ensure that the dirt will simply wash away after a few minutes.

Remove Stains in the Toilet Bowl

The toilet bowl is known to suffer from stubborn stains that even tough scrubbing cannot get rid of. However, if you want to dissolve tough stains and bring your bowl back new then you can spray WD-40 on the stains.

Deter Beavers

Beavers can cause havoc to your trees and plants while other animals can also cause damage. If you want to preserve the trees in your garden then you spray them with WD-40 which works as a repellent and will stop them from chewing through your trees.

Give Your Refrigerator a Deep Clean

To do this, remove all groceries first to ensure that you do not contaminate them with WD-40. Then you can spray a small amount of WD-40 onto any stain you find before allowing it to work its magic for a few minutes. You can then wipe the stain away before cleaning the refrigerator with soap and water to remove all WD-40 residue.

Stuck Lock

Whether it is an old padlock, a car lock or a door lock, trying to force it with a key can cause it to snap in the lock causing you more problems and cost. However, a squirt of WD-40 into the barrel of the lock will help to loosen it up and in just a few minutes, you will be able to insert the key and unlock it.

Get Rid of Oil Stains On the Driveway

If your driveway is suffering from nasty oil stains that spoil the look of your home then WD-40 can help. Spray a large amount of WD-40 on the entire stain and then wash it away with a hose and water.

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