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How To Ripen Avocados In 10 Minutes

Published 3 months ago on March 31, 2020
By Lifehack Lane
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It is no secret that avocado is a pretty awesome food to have in your diet. Not only is it packed full of all the right stuff that you need to make sure that you function properly, but it also tastes pretty awesome too.

The only trouble with avocado’s is that they are a tricky fruit to get right on the ripening's side. You may think that they are good to go and then you find out that they are actually solid as a rock (which is less than ideal if you want to smash it up to spread on your toast).

The bad news is that it can take as much as 7 days for an avocado to ripen itself on the counter. Not exactly ideal if you want to use it that night.

Rather than having to give up on the idea of that delicious dinner, there is something that you can do. Believe it or not, an underripe avocado can soon be turned around. You just have to know the right things to do to transform it into a delicious treat.

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The Baking Method is the fastest way to ripen avocados

To help you out, here are some of the best ways that you can ripen an avocado as quickly as possible at home.

Pop them in a brown bag

If you have a little more time to spare for your avocado to ripen, then you might want to try out the brown bag method. The idea is that the breathable nature of the brown paper bag will allow the avocado to bathe in its own natural gases. Ethylene. It is this Ethylene which will help the avocado to ripen and be ready to peel, cut up and then serve in any which way you want to eat it. 

Add some bananas

Want to speed up the process even more? If you do then you might want to think about adding other fruits which are known to give off their own ethylene gases. The most famous of which is probably bananas. Bananas added to the brown paper bag with your avocados in is definitely going to speed up the process. Although, you may also find that it has an impact on your bananas too. Which means that it might be a great idea to think about cooking up a batch of banana bread.

Bake them

If you are really in a rush, then you are going to want to find a method which will really speed up how quickly your avocados ripen. This method is best going to work on those avocados that are dark and still a bit firm. All you need to do is to wrap them tightly in foil, before popping them into the oven at 200 degrees for 10 to 15 minutes. This will soften the fruit so long as you cook them only until they are soft, not until they are totally warm through.

Watch the Step-by-Step video tutorial below and see for yourself just how easy to do it

If you are lucky enough to have a perfectly ripe avocado and you don’t need it until the next day, then you can always pop it into the fridge. This will help it to maintain their ripeness and ensure that they don’t turn to mush before you have the chance to use them.

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