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Kitchen Hack: How To Keep Bananas Fresh For Longer

Published 3 months ago on March 25, 2020
By Lifehack Lane
It's genius! It saves you money and you always have food at home

One of the world’s favorite fruits bananas have fans all around the globe! But keeping your bananas fresh can be a challenge. While all fruits struggle with this bananas seem to be particularly susceptible to going off quickly.

But there has to be a way to keep bananas fresh for longer doesn’t there? Well, the good news is bananas are actually quite easy to keep fresh for longer when you know what to do and there are a few methods you can try.

So, let’s look at some of the most effective ways to keep bananas fresh for longer.

1 - Refrigerating Bananas

While it might seem like using the fridge to protect your bananas is the way to go you do need to be a bit more careful. Putting your bananas in the fridge at the wrong time can affect the taste/ texture so it’s important you only put bananas in the fridge when they are the right color.

Once the bananas have gone a nice yellow color put them in a plastic bag or wrap them up and then place them in the fridge. The peel of the bananas may darken over time but don’t worry this won’t affect the taste of the fruit.

Freezing bananas might seem like a good idea but thawing them is difficult and will often make them very messy/ sloppy. You might still get some use out of the banana but eating it (at least without making a smoothie) is going to be difficult.

2 - Hanging Bananas 

Okay, the title might sound a little drastic, but many fruit bowls do come with built-in hooks designed for this very purpose. Although many people don’t often realise that’s what they’re actually designed for. Hanging bananas on these hooks will help protect them from getting bruised and therefore ensure they stay fresh for longer.

If you don’t have a fruit bowl with a hook then simply place your bunch of bananas on their side and try to keep some distance between them and larger fruits. Baskets can work particularly well for storing bananas as well, so they make a great alternative for storage as well.

3 - Buying Green Bananas

Our third tip for keeping bananas fresh for longer is a little different rather than doing anything different with their storage just look out for green bananas. We all know that classic banana yellow, but they only go that color when they’re ready to eat.

If you buy greener bananas then they will stay fresh for much longer in the fruit bowl. So, if you like a banana every now and again then don’t buy fresh yellow ones instead opt for the green because they will be fresh for much longer.

4 - Plastic Wrap Method 

The plastic wrap method is one of the most effective ways to keep bananas fresh for longer. All you need is some plastic wrap/ cling film and you can begin. Tear off a portion of the wrap and then gently wrap it around the stem of the bananas.

Once the stem is tightly wrapped tuck the end of the wrap under the stem and it will be tightly sealed. Once you take off a banana to eat you will need to gently rewrap the stem to ensure it is once again full sealed.

So, how does the plastic wrap method work? Well, it’s actually quite simple the wrapping prevents ethylene gas from reaching other parts of the banana. Ethylene gas is produced naturally when bananas ripen however when the gas reaches other sections of the fruit it prematurely ripens it. Having the wrap in places blocks the gas keeping your fruit fresh for longer!

Watch the video below and see for yourself just how easy to do it

So, that is our tips for keeping your bananas fresh for longer there are many different ways you can do it from using plastic wrap to hanging them up and more. Everyone knows how important fruit is for your diet and now you can enjoy fresh bananas for longer!

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