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DIY Natural Homemade Air Freshener

Published 7 months ago on March 20, 2020
By Lifehack Lane
It's so easy to make! The step-by-step guide is on the next page

It’s been scientifically proven that smell can have a positive impact on human emotion and behaviour, yet somehow we rarely consider fragrancing anything other than, well, ourselves!

Smell can invoke strong feelings and even memories but is often a sense we pay little attention to as it is so often fleeting. You pass by a beautiful-smelling bakery or catch a drift of fresh flowers… but the sense only lasts seconds or minutes, and we move on. Let’s embrace gorgeous scents more – here we explain how to create your own, natural, air freshener with ingredients you probably already have at home.

Your house is likely mainly scented during and shortly after housework and cleaning; as cleaning products these days are heavily fragranced, often disguised as citrus scents. The reality is that such fragrances are entirely synthetic and full of chemicals that you probably wouldn’t choose to inhale voluntarily. Instead, it’s always safest to opt for odorless cleaning products where you can – particularly if they don’t compromise on anti-bacterial properties. When it comes to scenting your home however, this can be done without harsh artificial chemical intervention, and kept natural; even using just products you already have in the pantry!

This simple creation is formulated with no nasties and can be used to either create, neutralise or mask smells. Tweak the scent strength by playing about with how much essential oil you add. You can even mix oils for a unique fragrance that you won’t find anywhere else.

Watch the video with the step-by-step guide below

You need just four things to create your own DIY natural homemade air freshener – and they’re things you probably already have in the store cupboard! You need a glass mason jar, a bottle of essential oil, some baking soda and a piece of cloth large enough to cover the top of the jar.

Fill about a quarter of the jar with baking soda; but don’t worry about measuring it out, it doesn’t need to be completely accurate. Once in, place between 20-25 drops of your essential oil (or more, if you like it strong or have a big jar!) onto the baking soda and give it a mix or shake to fully combine. Cover the top of the open jar with a piece of cloth and leave to work its magic! Don’t fasten a lid on the jar or the smell won’t be able to permeate the air around it.

This clever made-at-home air freshener will scent the surrounding room within just hours and last for days! You can ‘top up’ the fragrance when it starts to wane by giving it a quick stir to reinvigorate the smell or add in a couple of extra drops of essential oil. If you’ve got some spare time, why not decorate the outside of your air freshener jars to add some design features to your room?

Watch the full video below and see for yourself just how easy to make the air freshener.

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