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Awesome & Mysterious Discoveries Found on Earth. #5 is Unbelievable!

Earth can be a tedious and depressing place to reside. After all, the news only seems to cover the grim realities of wars in foreign lands and political ineptitude within our political system. But as these twenty mysterious discoveries prove, Earth can still spring up some incredible stories.

Here are twenty awesome discoveries that remind us how fascinating Earth still is.

The Voynich Manuscript

An illustrated manuscript, known as 'The Voynich Manuscript,' remains a mystery to historians. In part, this is because the text has no known origin, thus rendering it almost impossible to track.

Still, that hasn't stopped linguists and scholars attempting to solve the writing's meaning. In fact, two people came forward in 2014, with one attributing the text to an ancient dialect, while the other believed it was a coded Asian language. However, through assessing the papers material, historians have at least managed to date the document to the early 15th century.

Costa Rica's Stone Spheres

Pretty random, huh? Yes, these granodiorite spheres strewn across the Central American country have left scientists and geologists baffled.

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