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10 Clothing Items Every Man Should Buy This Summer

Published 1 year ago on May 30, 2018
By Hugo

There comes a time in every man's life when decisions need to be made, and in the fast-paced modern-day world of work, deciding what clothes you're going to buy can sound quite trivial. But if you take a long hard look in the mirror, chances are you'll be disappointed with your outfit and will want to spruce things up a bit.

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So with that in mind, and with limited time and money at the forefront of our selections for you busy bees, we at Lifehack Lane have chronicled ten must-have summer items that every summer dandy should wear.


1. A few pairs of slim/skinny fit chinos

Wearing jeans on a hot and sticky afternoon isn't going to be too comfortable, no matter how well fitted they are.

Instead, spruce things up with a pair of lucid colored chinos. Light blue is always a safe bet, but dark navy can work well too, especially at night. And always, (we can't stress this enough) always purchase a slim or skinny, fitted pair. After all, you don't want to look like someone who just walked out of their grandad's wardrobe.

2. A white pair of plimsolls 

White plimsolls should always be a go-to item the moment the sun comes out. Even white trainers are acceptable and go with almost any summer outfit. And if you really want to look the part, try purchasing a pair of white converse/vans and clad yourself in a stylish light blue blazer and navy colored chinos.

3. A linen cotton shirt

Everyone loves a good shirt but summer is often a time when shirts are neglected. But they shouldn't be, and 9/10 will look far more stylish than a simple t-shirt.

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Of course, the hot weather limits your choices somewhat, but a light colored linen-cotton shirt, preferably striped and lightly colored, will do wonders to any summer outfit. 

4. A pair of aviator sunglasses

Almost a by-product of summer itself, a good pair of shades is must have for any wardrobe when the sun comes roaring out. Though many men get confused with what works and what doesn't, and if you get it wrong, (which frequently comes in the form of a  choosing the wrong size) shades can look silly. So place it safe and wear a pair of aviators. They look good on everyone and suit all types of faces, from round to long and chubby to thin. 

5. One or two pairs of light blue jeans

As a rule of thumb, purchasing a dark pair of jeans is usually a better choice than buying the lightest pair you can find.


However, in the summer, light jeans prove their worth and can look great with a white v-neck or simple henley shirt. 

6. A pair of navy boardshorts

If you live by the sea, then lucky you! We're only a tiny bit jealous. But even if you reside in an urban jungle or a landlocked state, everyone has the urge to visit at least the local pool or lake every once in a while. But don't look silly in a pair of orange speedos or three quarter length trunks- you don't want people thinking you're a manchild.

As with most items, play it cool and be refined in your choice by purchasing a simple pair of navy board shorts. And no, they can't have floral patterns or cartoons.

7. A canvas tote bag

In the heat of summer, lugging around a heavy rucksack is all you need, so play it light with a small and stylish tanned satchel. 

While backpacks can often be a natural choice, they can stick to your back in the summer months and make you smell damn awful. 

8. One white T-shirt

A well-fitted yet plain white t-shirt is always a safe bet in the summer. They often go with a variety of summer colors (pinks, blues, purples, etc) and can be altered by rolling the sleeves to add a bit of sexiness to an otherwise ordinary piece of clothing. 

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However, AVOID white if you have a pale complexion, otherwise you'll end up looking like a washed out ghost. Go for a light blue color instead. It will bring out the color of your eyes and complement your fair skin.

9. A pair of above knee chino shorts

Even if you have pale legs and suffer from purple knees, it's better to have a pair of well-fitted slim chinos than ones that look like your trousers have been ripped from the bottom-up. 

There is a time and a place for jean shorts (mainly in hell), but if you want to look classy, it's chino shorts all the way.

10. A stylish brown belt

Nothing screams sophistication and elegance more than the simplicity of a well-fitted belt. Preferably, it should come in a light color.

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Grey can look good with smart trousers, but on the whole, we at Lifehack Lane are suckers for a nice tanned belt with metal buckles. It can look great with anything, and add an extra panache that might have otherwise have been missing from your outfit.

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