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10 Reasons Why You Probably Feel Empty Inside

Published 2 years ago on April 19, 2018
By Hugo

Do you feel dead inside? It's probably something you've wondered more than once as you rush into work with the same cup of crappy cup of coffee you waited 20 minutes in line for. In many ways, that cup of coffee may just have become a living emblem of your meager existence, and a compliment to the drab office clothes that conform to 21st-century office mediocrity. 

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Yes, we all have days when we feel blue and unfulfilled, and while you may not contemplate the symbolism behind your coffee, you've likely wondered why you aren't feeling yourself lately.

Here, Lifehack Lane has listed 10 common reasons why this might be the case.


1. You can't get over an ex

When we meet someone we love, we tend to forget about the life outside the bubble we created with that person. But when that bubble bursts, the world that we happily blocked out comes crashing down on us to the point where even the smallest of tasks prove challenging. 

For some, it can leave an emptiness that just won't go away, and leave you emotionless to the point where you retreat and become invisible to even your closest friends and family.

2. Someone said something rude/malicious

Not everyone is going to like you, respect who you are, or find you attractive, no matter who you are. But knowing that doesn't make the comments of online trolls and unpleasant people any easier to digest.

You might have 100 people complimenting you and seeing the good in you, but if one person disagrees, it can really play with your mind and impact on your self-esteem.

3. Age

With age typically comes more responsibility. For instance, the death and sickness of loved ones are more likely to be experienced in later life. In turn, this can then cause money worries for treatments, loss of earnings for taking time off work, and a lack of a social life.

Age can also manifest itself into worries over the appearance. With time, the body transforms, and as fine lines and wrinkles become more apparent, it can be hard to look yourself in the mirror and accept that you aren't the fresh-faced beauty of yesteryear. 

4. Debt

Money worries play a big role in how we're feeling on a day to day basis, and if the finances aren't in order, we tend to feel like we have no control over anything.

Various organizations around the world help with those going through financial difficulties, so don't be afraid to swallow your pride and ask for it.

5. Death of a loved one

Like a breakup, the death of someone close can tear our hearts out and make us wonder if it's even possible to go on in life. But it is. With time, a better understanding of the tumultuous event comes into play, and with that comes a more reasoned way of coping with the loss.

You will never see them again, but you can learn to live with them through your memories, and with time, you will smile and laugh again. It just takes time.

6. You have no ambition

It might be a lack of confidence. It could be an innate feeling that you're not intelligent enough. A lack of ambition is often down to a low sense of worth, and this mindset makes you less likely to pursue dreams and goals that are very much in reach if you believed in yourself.

Other factors that contribute to this feeling can include past experiences of failure. In other cases, people simply don't know what they want in life, and that in itself can make for a palpable feeling of sadness.

7. Negative body image

With Instagram and fashion campaigns brainwashing malleable young minds into thinking that the gold standard of a good life is to look like a model, it can be incredibly hard for those who don't possess a striking pair of cheekbones to feel as though they are worthy of beauty and attention.

In extreme cases, constant images of so-called physical perfection can even lead to eating disorders and suicidal thoughts. It's natural, after all, to compare ourselves to who we think are the most attractive. But in reality, our faces and bodies are who we are, and if we can't own them, then it's likely we will never be pleased.

8. You hate your job

As we touched on earlier in the article, the monotony that comes with many jobs leads most people to despair at what their once-hopeful lives have become. Human beings need to be in work to feel they have a sense of purpose, but being stuck with a job that doesn't satisfy you can lead to a life that doesn't offer much in the way of passion and fulfillment.

If you don't have a loving partner or family to go back to, it can be even worse. Some people can put up with a job they don't like so long as they have a good life outside the workplace. But if you have neither, it can pose a real problem.

9. You sleep around

Sleeping around serves little purpose for most people once the novelty wears off. Sure, it can be fun at first. It might even be exciting, but the constant stream of attention you receive to fill the void of loneliness is merely an end to a means and a way to temporarily make you forget how alone you really are.

Such mindless pursuits will only make you feel more inclined to stay alone. By continuing this pattern, you are telling yourself you are not worthy of true love and connection, and the pattern can continue to plague lotharios and commitment-phobes well into the latter stages of their life. 

10. You are keeping to yourself 

When we are feeling low, it can be easy to remove ourselves from social interaction and build a cave around a world we don't particularly like. While this is sadly all-too-common, it's a dangerous habit to fall into.

Not only are you depriving yourself of laughter, companionship and social events, you are also telling yourself you are better off being without love, which is plain wrong. We all go through hard times, and those times are made better by having a support network around us. But if we cut them off, we aren't going to make ourselves any better, no matter how overwhelming it might feel to keep replying to texts, and saying yes to social invitations.

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