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Awesome Tinder Facts That Will Convince You To Swipe Right

Published 2 years ago on March 13, 2018
By Hugo

It was once the norm to dismiss online dating, but in today's Internet age, Tinder seems to be working wonders for its 50m+ users, many of whom spend a large chunk of their days swiping right to whoever takes their fancy.

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Of course, cynics may point to apps like Tinder as all-but dismantling traditional chivalry, but for those who suffer from an inherent lack of confidence, apps like Tinder have obviously helped. To prove this, we've compiled 10 awesome facts about the app that may convince the naysayers to give Tinder a massive swipe to the right. 


1. Users spend an average of 35 minutes on the app

Whether they're aware of it or not, many use Tinder for longer than intended. Some might be swiping on the toilet as they become increasingly enamored by the wide range of cute, guitar-strumming dudes with wavy hair and amazing denim jackets.

Others may even spend their entire workout crying at the realization that there are more beautiful women in Argentina than there ever will be in their flyover state. It's an addictive app which can feed the fragile ego the moment your phone alerts you with a bright red notification.

2. 1.6 billion swipes are made every day 

That's a lot of swiping. A crazy amount, actually, but with 50m users and an average session lasting 35 minutes, it makes total sense. And let's be honest, swiping right and left on people we deem attractive gives us a sense of empowerment at the increased choice presented to us.

Tinder, you've got us under your thumb!

3. The best time to get a Tinder match is at 9 pm

Most Tinder hack articles will also tell you this because, even if you're a chiseled god, the chances of you instantly matching with someone at 6 am is very unlikely, but if you wait for the peak swiping period, you should get a few more matches.

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According to studies, 9 pm is peak matching time, and more so if you use the app on a Monday- when more people are indoors- than a Friday or Saturday. 

4. Brazilians make up 33.5% of Tinder users

Brazilians are naturally outgoing and gregarious, so it almost makes sense that they have embraced Tinder the way they have! Other countries where the app is popular include Australia, America, and perhaps more surprisingly, Finland.

Singletons, a trip to Finland is now a must! 

5. Women pictured in formal clothing do better than those clad in swimming costumes 

Recent statistics found that female profiles that had pictures of themselves in formal attire performed better than those who wore less, with men swiping right 62.4% of the time on formal clothing, 19.7% more than on those who wore less.

On the flipside, women didn't seem to mind men leaving little to the imagination, swiping right only 32.9% of the time on formally-dressed men, compared with 53.3% of women swiping right on men in love with taking obnoxious gym selfies. 

6. Photos with a smiling face are 14% more likely to be swiped right

Pearly whites are apparently more desirable than brooding faces, awkward pouts and death stares. And it makes sense. People want to meet up with affable, kind people, and a smile is synonymous with kindness, an essential trait people look for in a partner. 

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So start smiling more or at least go to the dentist and sort your teeth out!

7. Tinder users who reveal their favorite Spotify artists received 84% more matches 

Music brings us together and injects us with a rush of endorphins that make us feel good about ourselves, and if a Tinder profile has a similar taste in music to you, you're probably going to take that into account when swiping. 

As the date proves, common interests such as music play a big role. Otherwise, all you're going on is someone's appearance. 

8. A whopping 96% of users reported that education is an important factor in considering a potential partner 

Tinder previously had a reputation for being a casual dating app where one night stands were standard, but it seems Tinder has worked hard to change this over the years, and many users now expect their matches to be educated to a sufficient standard. 

Either that or users only want their one night stands to be with Ivy League educated professionals. 

9. 85% of Tinder users say "I love you" after only one year of dating

If you're still a skeptic, then this next statistic might sway you into letting Tinder find you the love you deserve! As we've just said, Tinder had a slightly sleazy reputation when it first took off due to the ease at which it allowed people to enter into casual relationships.

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However, it appears the novelty of waking up on many different beds is wearing thin. Last month, Tinder CEO Sean Rad went as far as to say that Tinder was responsible for countless babies. 

"5 years ago everyone told me that Tinder was stupid," Rad tweeted. "Today that stupid idea has fundamentally redefined how people everywhere make new connections, brought happiness to countless lives, countless babies, and created billions in shareholder value. Glad I didn’t listen..." 

10. Users who swiped this Valentine's Day experienced a 60% increase in matches 

Logging in at peak times may enhance your chances of matching with that special someone, but if you want to see an unprecedented hike in matches, wait til the love-soaked day of Valentine's Day arrives.

That way, you can share your misery of not having anyone with millions of other fellow singletons who probably want someone to hold just as much as you do.


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