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10 'Easy' Jobs That Are Harder Than You Think

Published 2 years ago on February 6, 2018
By Hugo

Every office worker sitting behind their desk arranging the same old files has probably imagined what it would be like to work a so-called 'easy job.' You know? The jobs where you get loads of holidays and millions of dollars to rehearse a few lines or throw a ball around a patch of grass for a couple of hours. 


Well, while those kinds of jobs may appear easy from an outsider's perspective, a lot of those professions are physically and mentally draining, and while some may be incredibly lucrative, they can often come with tradeoffs. 

Here, we detail 10 'easy' jobs that are anything but. 


1. Model

We all wish we could be a model, or at least look like one. And for those that have the required look, they appear to be living the dream, with stylists and make-up artists pampering them every day before they strut their stuff down the runway. Then they take a gorgeous selfie, jet off to another exotic country and do it all again. Well, if you happen to be a world-famous model, that might be the case, but for the rest, making a living from your looks isn't easy.

Not only are you competing with thousands of new faces, but you're also likely to find yourself in debt as modelling agencies pay for your flights and accommodation in the hope you book a string of jobs. If you don't, you owe your agency a lot of money, and thus won't be making any profits until you pay off said debts, which is often unlikely. 

Confidence is also a big thing in modelling. Even if you're Adriana Lima or Lucky Blue Smith, having the nerve to stand in front of a camera and pose in lingerie or be topless can be incredibly intimidating, and aspiring models don't often realize this until they get behind a camera and freeze.

2. Actor/actress

If you think modelling looks easy, then you might be guilty of thinking that acting is pretty much the same thing, only you learn lines instead of walking down a glitzy runway. Well, you're mistaken, as the emotional toll an actor or actress goes through to get into character can have an adverse impact on their life.

Just take the extremities Leonardo DiCaprio went through in The Revenant, or the mass amounts of weight Christian Bale lost (he reportedly lived off one apple a day) in The Machinist. While these actors are earning millions, it's not a comfortable life living in a trailer for weeks at a time learning many lines.

Yet most actors won't ever get paid anything near the salary Leonardo DiCaprio and Christian Bale command. Instead, they'll often be jobbing actors, lucky if they get a role that will help them pay the rent.

3. Writer

From the outside looking in, writers sit down for a few hours, pen a few fictitious things, or, if they're journalists, report on what Harry Styles had for dinner.

In actuality, the majority (if they're lucky to make a living from writing) are in poorly-paid positions that require long hours, which often translates into working weekends and unsociable night shifts.

4. Teacher

When people tell you they're a teacher, you probably become envious over their holiday allowance. Two months off in the summer. A couple of weeks at Christmas. A few more weeks here and there. In fact, we're all guilty of this, but little do many know of the work and dedication that goes into the profession.

After all, teachers are tasked with influencing malleable young minds and making them the best possible version of themselves they can be, which is a steep task for anyone, let alone someone with up to 30 restless kids in one classroom. Yet the good ones will go out of their way to help their students- sometimes even in their own time- before going home and marking hundreds of papers. 

5. Long-haul trucker

Companies are always hiring long-haul truck drivers for a reason: the work is gruelling. The hours are unsociable, the job will no doubt give you RSI, and the dangers are high. You’re away from home and family for long stretches, and due to the miles you have to cover within a short period, the pressures are endless, and it's not unheard of for drivers to sometimes drive 11 hours straight.

To justify the lifestyle, the pay is usually okay, but with so much time spent on the road, it is a precarious industry to be in and one that isn't for the fainthearted

6. Retail assistant

If you haven't worked in retail, you probably know at least one friend who has before they discovered that not only is retail incredibly tedious but that it's also soul-destroying.

It may look easy from a customer's perspective. After all, when you step foot in your favorite store, you're likely met with pretty retail assistants smiling at you in their free company clothes. Yet the long hours standing all day, as well as dealing with rude, petulant customers can drive even the calmest of retail assistants up the wall.

7. Subway driver

Particularly in London, commuters bemoan tube drivers because they earn close to £50k a year and are represented by a strong team of trade unions, which means they can't get pushed around when faced with pay cuts and increased working hours. 

This means that once or twice a year the drivers may go on strike, but with a job that requires pushing a leaver through miles of dark tunnels all day and night, it can often make for a thankless job. 

It's also not unheard of for commuters to commit suicide in subway stations, and many drivers have been known to become scarred for life due to having a passenger jump in front of their train.

8. Photographer 

Like acting or writing, photography is another artistic discipline which seems to be dismissed as straightforward and easy, and one that anyone can learn. But not only does that line of thinking dismiss the craft, but it also presumes that every one of us has an eye for detail and thorough knowledge of specific cameras and lenses.

Sure, a person with heaps of drive can learn just about anything, but presuming that we all have a natural eye for the spectacular is ignorant and quite frankly; plain stupid.

9. Food critic

It would be great, right? To write about food for a living in the fanciest restaurants in your city. You'd be able to taste your favorite Italian restaurant's signature pasta dish for 'work' and go on exotic trips feasting on the finest global cuisine for 'research.' 

Granted, this occupation does sound very cool, but you must bear in mind that the people who review food have often worked in journalism for many years. It's very unlikely a publication would give such a job to a junior-level journalist. Moreover, critics run the risk of upsetting a lot of business if they write unfavourable reviews, and in some cases, bad reviews have even led to the closure of restaurants, or in more extreme cases, threatened with their life. 

10. Vlogger

Okay, so they may be incredibly irritating (Logan *cough* Paul *cough*) and make the kind of money most of us will never see in our lives because impressionable teens believe their 'talents' are god's gift to the Internet, but in all honesty, we should cut them some slack.

While most of us receive a guaranteed monthly salary, vloggers go it alone and place all their hopes on monetized ads. While most can't make a living from this, those that do usually only scrape the barrel, perhaps earning around $2,000 one month and as little as $100 the next. 

And then there's the amount of editing that goes into these videos. With the time it takes to record and edit regular content, YouTubers can easily be working 50-60 hour weeks.

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