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10 Signs You're A Kind Person

Published 3 years ago on September 26, 2017
By Hugo

In an age where greed is supposedly good, being helpful and kind doesn't seem to have the appeal it once did. Instead, it can often be seen as a form of weakness and having a personality which exudes warmth and kindness can even be a turn-off (yes, really.) 

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Admittedly, being too nice can have its pitfalls. For starters, people can walk all over you, and you can even come across as boring. But what if you could be both interesting, attractive, and shock of all shocks.... a nice person? 

Well, you can. And here are 10 signs that may suggest you're all of the above and more.

1. You're patient 

Patience is a valuable trait to have and likely means you are the first port of call to people in need as they feel comfortable confiding in you without feeling judged for making a mistake or not being perfect.

Most importantly, you realise that good things don't just happen unless you take steps to lead yourself and others in the right direction.

2. You're complimentary 

It doesn't hurt to pay someone a compliment. In fact, it could even make their day. After all, the world can be a big tough place, and not everyone is as strong as they appear.

And if you see the importance in saying kind things to others, then you're probably someone who is just as beautiful as the words which come from your mouth.

3. You never judge others

It's almost second nature for us to judge others. What they're wearing, the way they speak, how they conduct themselves.

We all do it, and probably without realising how judgmental we're being. But if you see the good in everyone, and understand that we bleed the same colour and breathe the same air, then you probably see the good in everyone, regardless of appearances.

4. You're confident 

Having an unassuming personality doesn't have to mean having a lack of confidence.

And if you are someone who sees the importance in standing up for others and speaking out when you see wrong or believe you have something you'd like to say, then it's a testament to your character. 

5. You listen

Listening is an important skill. Most of us (we're all guilty of it) nod and pretend to take in information when all that really matters is what is going on in our heads.

But if you have learned the importance of absorbing information then it shows you're attuned to the views of others rather than just your own.

6. You are generous 

Being generous doesn't have to mean giving away your savings. All it requires is to be conscious of others needs.

For instance, if you buy a takeaway, you won't think twice about offering some to your flatmates. Or if you're outside, and your friend is cold, lending them your hoody won't even be a problem. 

7. You see the good in everyone 

There are a lot of people out there that many people can be indifferent to. And in some extreme cases, that's understandable.

But if you focus on the good in people and always take time to analyse and assess their qualities, then it shows you aren't willing to jump to conclusions about people where others might have.

8. You are polite

Manners don't cost anything. And if you always give up your seat to an elderly person, and say thank you to waiters, then doing simple things like that highlights your thoughtfulness to the lives and needs of others. 

Most of all, it shows you have a deep level of compassion, and if you have that you're likely to prove incredibly popular with those who are worth spending time with.

9. You take nothing for granted

You live every day as though it were your last. You always smile and realise your loved ones won't always be around.

You revel in your happiness and count your blessings for the things you do have, rather than the things you don't. 

10. You are genuine 

Most significantly, you are a person who doesn't talk behind others backs. You mean what you say, and aren't one to go back on your word.

In many ways, you are the shining example of what it's like to be a beautiful person in an age where snobbery and greed run riot. 

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